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Antonio Migliorisi’s Sand in the Mind was a big surprise for me.

Usually before reading a book I am curious, like everyone else I always read the back cover or the preview, and unavoidably ‘visualise’ what my guess is.

In this case, I must say that the title was prophetic, because I imagined something different.

I therefore sincerely thank Antonio Migliorisi for having pleasantly surprised me, and with him I also thank Manuale di Mari that made this discovery possible.

Antonio Migliorisi is a prestigious architect from the Marche region, active in many fields including teaching.

Surely, one can also speak of architecture when referring to Sand in the Mind, because of the way it is constructed.

I expected to take a journey into the psyche, instead I experienced an adventure while also learning interesting anecdotes about Mnemosyne: mythological personification of memory.

In general, the reading reveals Antonio Migliorisi to be a deep connoisseur of various subjects, scrupulous with details and exhaustive in situations.

And his expertise leads the reader along with the characters in a plot full of twists and turns.

The result is undoubtedly worthy of international best sellers.

The book opens and closes in situations accompanied by jazz music as ‘background.’

I found an analogy between jazz and the book itself as an enthralling rhythm characterised by solo virtuosity: the virtuosity of Antonio Migliorisi.

Here is the booktrailer 

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