I share from the blog ESCAPE FROM POLIS.

Why a postcard, and who is Patrizia ? Let’s start with the important things:

Patrizia is the wife of our Andrea “Kikkakonekka,” so we can refer to her as “our” Patrizia. In email conversations with Andrea, I learned that they are going through a delicate and difficult time, for both of them, and that the period in question is one of those-which sooner or later in one way or another touches everyone-where every little positive “input” from the outside world can help to lighten the difficulties, to generate a smile, a nice thought, in short, to feel less alone in the difficulty.

Andrea thought (and I fully agree) that it would be nice if all of us Friends (even if virtual, here on FdP we are Friends) could send at their home address a “old-fashioned” postcard, from all the places where we are at the moment, with a greeting to Patrizia, handwritten on paper, like in the old days. A way of making “real” the “virtual.” 

I think this is a very shareable thing: I make it my own and personally request to all of you to participate, in the full spirit that has always animated this Blog. I know that it requires a minimum of effort (it may sound strange, but I realize that nowadays it is easier to do something online than to write a postcard, stamp it and physically mail it), but I ask you within the limits of what is possible to do it, this “effort.”

For clear reasons of expediency, the mailing address to send the postcards will not be posted here (as it is their home address), but if you would like to participate you can ask Andrea or me directly by email. The addresses (which I write cryptically to avoid “bots” that steal emails from sites) are as follows:

For Andrea: kikkakonekka [at] libero [dot] it

For me: albert-1 [at] virgilio [dot] it

Key thing to know: this whole thing, for our Patrizia is a surprise, and she reads Andrea’s Blog. So, please don’t mentioned it on his blog. All communication, questions and comments should be made exclusively by email or on FugaDaPolis.

Andrea also wanted to share some of his feelings on his Blog, find his article from last Friday here.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, I know things on FdP work well because we are cool people, so I expect massive participation. It is important, please do your best !


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