Modica chocolate is the exquisite gift from Valeria, whom I thank again!

I had heard a lot about it but had never tasted it, had you?

It was a total revelation at the first bite: I did not know its uniqueness.

The Modica chocolate is grainy, it has a very crumbly consistency, but at the same time the bar is compact.

You can feel the sugar very much. 

A perception made possible by the processing completely unique: cold.

I use the words of Hanns Josef Ortheil to explain better:
great is the amazement when I taste Modica chocolate because suddenly sugar crystals are on my tongue: like a whirlwind of seeds they slide across my tongue from side to side.

This astonishment is described in the book Die insel der dolci or The Island of Sweets in which the author speaks of miracles made of fruit, sugar, nuts, nourished by the aromas that only the southern sun produces.

A journey to discover sweet Sicily, from Catania via Palermo to the chocolate city of Modica, always on the trail of mysterious delicacies, together with his daughter: Lotta Ortheil, photographer, to represent the magic of the Island of Fragrances and Sweets.

And I don’t know if you have had a chance to see another magic of nature these days, as astounding as it is frightening: volcano Etna  in activity.

Back to taste explosions, which are undoubtedly less dangerous, I would like to conclude by adding that Modica’s PGI product  contains antioxidant and anticoagulant properties, but above all, as with all types of chocolate, stimulates the production of endorphins.

And endorphins induce euphoria and therefore a good mood, something we all need, do we?



Like the birds of Cinderella’s dress … is the comparison Sabrina Impacciatore used during an interview at the Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.


I really like this way of her being ironically crazy.

This attitude of laughter brings good humour, don’t you think?

The perfect friend for messing around …

Speaking of friendship … have you ever seen “Amiche da morire – Friends to Die For?”

I would say that Sicily is a congenial place for Sabrina: the season of The White Lotus for which Sabrina received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series is filmed in Taormina.

In the interview Sabrina tells that her dress was fitted the night before by tailors like the birds of Cinderella’s dress, and also declares that her victory is to be there, but we can say that another great shot is her participation in the upcoming film In the head of Dante with Al Pacino and John Malkovich.

Who knows, maybe the Fairy godmother has a hand in it… 🙂

And you? Have you ever lived a fairy tale?

I could tell I live perpetually in the mess, but isn’t it the real fairy tale?

Gianni Rodari wrote:
Where are the fairy tales?
There is one in everything:
in the wood of the coffee table,
in the glass, in the rose.

Where can you see the fairy tales?



I’ll even put it in coffee how many times have you said these words referring to something you like so much that you use it everywhere?

If you were to give a wacky example of something you would even put in coffee, what would you say?

What if I said oil?

Yes: extra virgin olive oil.

The person who thought of putting it in coffee is Howard Schultz aka the one who during a trip to Milan in the 1980s got the inspiration that led him to create Starbucks.

By the way, I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but associate Starbucks with this scene from You’ve got mail every time.

So we also listened again to Dolores‘ voice in Dreams.

But back to our evo oil, would you have dreamed of putting it in your coffee?

Howard Schulz did, and again the idea came to him during a vacation in Italy, this time in Sicily.

He even started a collaboration whereby Starbucks’ Oleato line is prepared strictly with Partanna oils. 

Unfortunately, I never tasted Partanna’s oil but undoubtedly in Italy extra virgin olive oil is excellent.

For example, the oil that a friend brought me from Puglia was almost as precious as liquid gold, so good that I had to get it out of sight, because with bread on hand I would not have been able to resist.

I could almost say that I liked it so much that I even put it in my coffee …

For that matter, it is not so outlandish: if we think of the more famous bullet coffee aka coffee with butter.

More precisely bulletproof coffee which more than bulletproof is hungerproof since it contains clarified butter and coconut oil and is on a mission to maintain satiety without taking food in the morning.

Will Oleato follow the same purpose in your opinion?

Actually, Starbucks has introduced a line of beverages that contain other ingredients in addition to coffee and oil.

The consistency of the oil can undoubtedly provide more body to the coffee, and it may be that it also works in terms of taste, the variables are many both in terms of the coffee blend and the degree of acidity of the evo, but is it the sum that makes the total?


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