Three: one hundred and forty-two.
Numbers today!

Third appointment with the Advent calendar by the blog Centoquarantadue

I have been following Centoquarantadue for a while and I am passionate about serial stories, in particular I am reading the publications of La storia di noi due which is a story written by four hands: She 142 writes the part relating to the female character and vice versa.

I recommend that you follow it from week to week, because at the end of each one you will remain in suspense wondering what will happen next.

In fact, the whole blog Centoquarantadue is written by two Souls fused in writing, and for this very reason it offers many different ideas among which I am passionate about quotes and riddles

Today’s story was written by the “female half” and is titled Il regalo di Natale – Christmas Gift:

That year the snow arrived early, earlier than usual. A lot of it had fallen and the small town at the bottom of the valley soon took on the magical and fairytale aspect of a Christmas cardgo on here



For the second day of the Advent calendar, the author Tony’s blog wrote a short story.

I prefer to tell a fairy tale, if Antonio allows me, because for me it was a reading of those that transport you in space and time.

It is no coincidence that Austin Dove which is Antonio’s nickname, was inspired by the Grimm brothers after reading them recently.

In this last period I got to know La Colomba, another nickname of Antonio, through his reviews, his special rankings, his stories, and also through his experiences gained thanks to the various courses he follows.

Antonio is truly a beautiful Soul, one of those pure, sincere, transparent, true ones.

He has a lot of patience with my comments as an old woman laughing I slowly try to learn, and I discovered a little thing in common: Scouting.

His experience is certainly more in-depth and lasting than mine, but reading it made me think back to the years as a ladybug, that remain beautiful memories in the heart.

The story he wrote for X-mas Carols is called Il buon Doriano:

For a long time, in a faraway land, on a sunny day little Doriano was born in a shepherd’s hutgo on here

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