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This blog is my husband’s present for my 50th birthday.
The first reaction: I can’t do it.
But his belief in me was stronger than my anxiety, so the first thought can only be keep calm.
And then? And then the perfect setting for a chat: coffee.
For me hot and without sugar, how do you prefer it?
I remember my first coffees with spoons of sugar and I wonder how I managed to drink them, but before coming to strictly pure coffee I also went through the milk phase, with drastic reductions in temperature. Now I put three spoons of calm, whenever I can.
Ok, in the right moments I don’t dislike chocolate too …
My favorite is potbelly coffee mug, with a comfortable handle: I find that when the coffee cools, it loses its magic.
What is coffee for you? A drink? A stand by moment? Do you care about the mug or just drink it and go?
I will be pleased if you would like to share, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and I’d like to see your favorite mug if you want: so  “welcome you are”.

Black coffe is rock coffee no doubt, I would say an attitude, and like coffee even rock is a real need in several moments of the day.

Espresso goes automatically: news. Maybe news “who cares?” because they look good in brackets, like coffee.

The blue cup can only be for long coffee, while reading, absolutely. My blue cup has been with me for so long, but the list of books I would like to read is longer for sure.

Fashion can be everything you want, right now I imagine flat white coffee, off course with decoration. However mine has some milk foam poured: the schemes throw me out and it’s nice to trespass, mess up, break down.

I dedicate green to bookcrossing: I hope that it could be a good idea for you as well: if you can be interested in the book you find in the category, all you have to do is to let me know where to deliver it. I don’t ask anything in return for me, but I would suggest using the concept shown in the movie “Pay it forward”: I would like you to pass a favor on to someone else. Thanks.


keep calm & drink coffee

“I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee”

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