Coffee is a universal language that overcomes cultural barriers: a hot cup can unite people from every corner of the world.

I take the cue from this quote to confirm how coffee here has given me the opportunity to communicate with people living in areas hitherto unknown to me.

Tomislav keeps going on to update me about his project, remember I told you about his comics, but also about the photos of his coffees that he never fails to send me?

I am very grateful to him and thanks to him I discovered that in Temisvar there is a statue dedicated to Romulus and Remus.

These are his coffees!
Turkish coffee in Subotica and ‘morning coffee’ with candies from Macedonia as Tomislav called it.

Il caffè è un linguaggio universale che supera le barriere culturali: una tazza calda può unire persone provenienti da ogni angolo del mondo.Il caffè è un linguaggio universale che supera le barriere culturali: una tazza calda può unire persone provenienti da ogni angolo del mondo.

Lela constantly teaches me about her Georgia, and through her love of Italy she uncovers many interesting crossovers, such as L’Antica Trattoria Toscana and Georgiana

What better combination than food?

Speaking of food, Lela described their cheese to me: Sulguni სულგუნი, სულუგუნი which comes from the Samegrelo region and is reminiscent of our mozzarella. Do you know it?

I believe that being able to chat about any subject and listen to life’s monents, interests, and those little things that simply make up the days is absolutely interesting and instructive.

The small differences, nuances, languages, traditions, environments, which are a heritage to be preserved and passed on.

Have you ever met, known, discovered people through the ‘bridge’ represented by coffee?

A hot cup can unite people from every corner of the world.

Coffee is a universal language that overcomes cultural barriers: a hot cup can unite people from every corner of the world.

Or perhaps your point of sharing has been different.

Whatever corner of the world you come from, feel welcome and free to tell!



Coffee Cits a lakeside community located on a peninsula jutting into Lake Palestine in East Texas.

With three sides of the city bordered by water,  this is a popular location for fishing, boating and other water sports.

As soon as I saw the picture with the sign I couldn’t believe my eyes, so imagine what a surprise when I understood it is real!

Looking for information, I fell in love with this kind of metaphor: the history of this location can fit in a pecan shell.

Coffee City in fact only materialised in the 1960s after the construction of Lake Palestine.

Yes: construction, because Lake Palestine is an artificial lake created by the Blackburn Dam.

This reservoir spans portions of four counties in the state of Texas: Anderson, Smith, Henderson and Cherokee.

I smile because for us Anderson and Henderson tend to sound the same, and Smith … well it’s kind of like the equivalent of our idea of top common name …

Back to Coffee City, which is apparently home to a residential community with no history but a recent unfortunate news: it seems that there were 250 inhabitants and 50 policemen in … what can we say?

Perhaps it is better to focus on the Coffee City Fire Department: firefighters in the US are an institution par excellence.

In Coffee City there is also the Bella Italian Café

I couldn’t find any particular connection to Italy, but it’s still a tribute, how about that?

While we think about it I’ll let you admire this view … 



Paola Pioletti brought this curious construction to my attention! Thanks Paola

The Coffee Pot is located in America, and more precisely in Pennsylvania, in Bedford.

It is described as an “example of programmatic architecture” created as a result of the increased number of motorists passing through on the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental road for automobiles in the United States, which opened in 1913 and runs for over 3,000 miles between New York City and San Francisco.

The Coffee Pot was built in 1927 by Bert Koonz to attract visitors to the service station.

In 1937, a hotel was built adjacent to the ‘coffee pot’ that served Coca Cola burgers and ice cream to travellers on Greyhound buses.

A hotel was later built adjacent to the structure.

In 2004 it was restored after Bedford County Fair in PA bought it for a dollar.

Taking a virtual tour around the coffee pot I found a very active community with a group of quilters: The Coffee Pot quilters. 

Quilting is the art of sewing together several layers of fabrics of different colours and patterns, cutting them to create decorative patterns.

I really like that kind of quilting and we have several of them at home even if they are not made in communion as they are used in the States.

Did you know that we also have a national association in Italy? Quilt Italia

The giant coffee pot in autumn is surrounded by a beautiful natural spectacle and the Bedford County Fair also organises a foliage festival.

Even Father Christmas stopped by the Coffee Pot!

Too bad there’s no more coffee in the Coffee Pot though, isn’t it?

How about you? Do you know a place just as special?



Italy appreciates the great collective effort made by Member States, EFSA, ECHA and the Commission to finalize a new evaluation of glyphosate, which took place a few years after the previous one and involved the examination of a very considerable amount of data.

However, regarding some issues for further investigation as highlighted by the EFSA opinion and which emerged in the discussions to adopt the renewal regulation, Italy deems it appropriate to underline that it is desirable:

to launch, at community level, of further integrative studies for collection of data to fill data gaps in order to protect biodiversity and the various environmental matrices;

to complete, without undue delay, of the evaluation of the dossiers relating to the approval or renewal of the approval of active substances that are potential alternatives to glyphosate;

that the use of the active substance is not authorized in the pre-harvest phase.

This is our ‘contribution’ … i.e. Italy’s signature on the extension for a period of ONLY TEN YEARS! To the use of glyphosate

Sure, why do not go on for a decade?

After all, Sleeping Beauty has been asleep for a hundred years, what can be ten in comparison?

In the meantime it is desirable, DESIRABLE! that Roundup is not used pre-harvest, of course, better not to have it freshly harvested in the dish, but nicely grown and integrated into the food.

Forgive my sarcasm, but I can’t stand these two sides: in recent years, governments have been ‘very concerned’ about our health, but apparently only about certain sides.

I wonder why, in this case, MORE studies are needed for at least ANOTHER ten years.

Yeah, another ten years, because, as I told you before, this story goes way back

All this while a Californian jury found Bayer, the company that acquired Monsanto liable in a lawsuit brought by a man who claimed his cancer was due to exposure to the company’s Roundup herbicide, and ordered it to pay $332 million in damages.

The verdict includes $7 million in compensatory damages and $325 million in punitive damages awarded to plaintiff Mike Dennis, who was diagnosed at the age of 51 with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to a company spokesman

But it is desirable that the use of the active substance will not be authorised in the pre-harvest phase for another ten years.



On October 11 in Turin, a very special exhibition opened at the Mole Antonelliana: The World of Tim Burton edited by the National Cinema Museum.

Tim Burton needs no introduction and any description would be reductive to his entirely personal style, in two words I could say that there is a before and there is an after Burton.

Who could at length describe him is Paola Pioletti, a deep connoisseur of his creative genius.

Exhibitions, on the other hand, are Maria‘s specialty on her Art and Cult Blog

Kind of like Eva Carducci did just with him.


Quando ho fatto ridere Tim Burton grazie al caffè 😜 #timburton #netflix #dietrolequinte #imparacontiktok #junket #luccacomics #mercoledi #wensday @Netflix Italia

♬ suono originale – Eva Carducci




And what do you think?
How do you imagine Tim Burton Coffee?

Did you know that in New York the Beetle House is dedicated to Tim Burton? I went for a virtual tour and fell in love with the sign: Come as you are …

Would you like to go there? What would you order?

What if we ended up singing Day-O?

Even in the historic center of Mexico City there is a Burtonian-style coffee bar: El Extrano Coffee Bar.

Instead, in Italy we invented the Wonka vaccinara … I always admire imagination, but in this case … I better pass on!

Since we are in Turin, isn’t a classic Bicerin enough dark?

Indeed … anyway we can fall back on the iconic Turin Cafè in the Museum Temple Hall.

Kevin Spacey during a visit recommended making it a working café, isn’t this cute?

In this case, the Tim Burton Coffee version includes a special set-up with very limited edition posters.

Which one would you like?

I like Sleepy Hollow

Did you know that Johnny Depp at the end of filming decided to adopt Goldeneye, the one-eyed horse who stars as Gunpowder in the movie?

But back to coffee dust, or rather Tim Burton Coffee dust, is there a movie that you never tire of rewatching, or that you associate with a particular anecdote?



Aktion geht unter die haut means action gets under the skin.

Literally, in this case.

What case? What action?

The case refers to Austrian Federal Minister Gewessler’s public relations campaign.

The action consists of a tattoo in exchange for an annual ticket valid for public transportation: a Klimaticket

Klimaticket tattoo, then.

This campaign took place at the Electric-Love Festival in 2023. The executing company is One Mobility GmbH, founded specifically for the Klimaticket and 64.417 percent owned by the Republic of Austria

Leonore Gewessler was at the Frequency Festival to promote the Klimaticket tattoo in person with the motto: aktion geht unter die haut “this campaign gets under your skin.”

Volunteers were able to choose one from a range of drawings and get tattooed directly on the spot.

All themes had to do with the “for the climate” ticket or the environment.

Samples included, for example, the word “Go Green” surrounded by a heart but also the words Klimaticket.

The first three people tattooed on the spot each received a free ticket valid for one year.

The promotion of public transportation is not in question, but the manner?

I find it offensive to young people in the first place, since place and conditions point to them as the main target audience.

We are really showing the young people the worst: our inadequacy, our incompetence, our lack of criterion, of values, of common sense.

Not even Orwell came up with such an idea.

By now we are not even consumers anymore, but merchandise, with an expiration date moreover.

Even our skin becomes an advertising space, to be sold off, by the way.

Am I exaggerating?


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