Did you know that Lavazza was rewarded at the European Coffee Awards?

The Coffee Awards gather the best leaders in the industry each year and winners are chosen by a team after deep analysis.

The award to Lavazza was delivered in Barcelona, where the fourteenth edition took place.

The creator of the European Coffee Symposium (ECS) is Jeffrey Young: since 2008 he has been working to realise the dream of bringing together the most influential minds in the coffee and hospitality industries across Europe.

Jeffrey Young is the Managing Director of Allegra Strategies with 20 years of experience in global market analysis and focuses on coffee through the Allegra World Coffee Portal

Lavazza was awarded the title Best Coffee Roaster 2023.

Personally I am delighted, what do you think?

Lavazza Red Quality belongs to my earliest memories as a child.

Lavazza in 1970 created a new standard by introducing the vacuum-packed aluminium foil pack for the launch of Red Quality.

I don’t need to remind you that the aromatic note of Lavazza Red Quality is chocolate, do I?

A product on the market from more than half a century while remaining consistently intact and maintaining the right balance between quality and price that has allowed it to serve 20% of the coffees in Italy.

How about that?

Not to mention that Lavazza gave us Caballero and Carmencita, remember them?


Carmencita just wanted Paulista ‘the man in sight with the conquering moustache’ but she would never have imagined Lavazza Best European Coffee Roaster.



I already told you about the Piazza Ducale in Vigevano: together we discovered the traces of Jewish presence, starting from the past to arrive at the present of the smart city version. 

We saw it as a coffee lounge but also as a setting for cosplayers of Star Wars characters.

I wish you wouldn’t miss the Piazza Ducale “covered” version.

Suggestive, isn’t it?


At dawn

and sunset of a whole day dedicated to sharing.

These beautiful coloured blankets are all made of four knitted or crocheted squares joined together by a red thread as a symbol of relationship and union.

For months, many women worked to make these blankets with multicoloured wool and lots of imagination.

Some alone, like Betty during convalescence, some in groups, like Carola’s mother during the weekly meetings based on chatting, knitting and good things to eat.

And more blankets arrived from all over Italy, answering the call of Viva Vittoria

Viva Vittoria is a relational work shared by women for women.

Knitting is understood as a metaphor for self-development and conveys a message of awareness: we are the creators of our own existence.

If we are able to bring about change in ourselves, change can also take place in society as a reflection.

The idea of bringing these blankets from moments of aggregation was born in Brescia in 2015 and the proceeds of the sale are used for charitable purposes.

In Vigevano, three thousand blankets were adopted in Piazza Ducale in a few hours, the sum collected will be donated to the association Kore alongside women victims of violence.



Italy appreciates the great collective effort made by Member States, EFSA, ECHA and the Commission to finalize a new evaluation of glyphosate, which took place a few years after the previous one and involved the examination of a very considerable amount of data.

However, regarding some issues for further investigation as highlighted by the EFSA opinion and which emerged in the discussions to adopt the renewal regulation, Italy deems it appropriate to underline that it is desirable:

to launch, at community level, of further integrative studies for collection of data to fill data gaps in order to protect biodiversity and the various environmental matrices;

to complete, without undue delay, of the evaluation of the dossiers relating to the approval or renewal of the approval of active substances that are potential alternatives to glyphosate;

that the use of the active substance is not authorized in the pre-harvest phase.

This is our ‘contribution’ … i.e. Italy’s signature on the extension for a period of ONLY TEN YEARS! To the use of glyphosate

Sure, why do not go on for a decade?

After all, Sleeping Beauty has been asleep for a hundred years, what can be ten in comparison?

In the meantime it is desirable, DESIRABLE! that Roundup is not used pre-harvest, of course, better not to have it freshly harvested in the dish, but nicely grown and integrated into the food.

Forgive my sarcasm, but I can’t stand these two sides: in recent years, governments have been ‘very concerned’ about our health, but apparently only about certain sides.

I wonder why, in this case, MORE studies are needed for at least ANOTHER ten years.

Yeah, another ten years, because, as I told you before, this story goes way back

All this while a Californian jury found Bayer, the company that acquired Monsanto liable in a lawsuit brought by a man who claimed his cancer was due to exposure to the company’s Roundup herbicide, and ordered it to pay $332 million in damages.

The verdict includes $7 million in compensatory damages and $325 million in punitive damages awarded to plaintiff Mike Dennis, who was diagnosed at the age of 51 with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to a company spokesman

But it is desirable that the use of the active substance will not be authorised in the pre-harvest phase for another ten years.




Leccese Coffee is a specialty with a distinctive freshness.

We chatted about coffee in Milan,  delved into the three cs of Naples, n and discovered the Nero of Trieste

In Puglia, however, coffee is cold, because an essential ingredient is ice.

And it is no coincidence: ice constituted the business of Antonio Quarta who sold it by weight.

Who was Antonio Quarta?

My grandfather used to say that there was a need for a drink that would give relief to our sultry and scorching summers between the two seas. But because classic iced coffee often suffers from acidity if kept in the refrigerator for a long time, my grandfather Antonio had a brilliant idea: coffee on ice.

The process is simple but no one had thought of it before. Prepare coffee normally, sweeten it, and then pour it into a glass filled with ice cubes. Grandfather, who had a small ice-making factory, began to serve freshly brewed coffee this way. And, without meaning to, he had invented a real recipe for Caffè Salentino that soon spread throughout Lecce and the province.


These words are from Antonio Quarta (nephew), two-term president of the Italian Association of Coffee Roasters, and now a member of the Executive of the Italian Coffee Committee, as well as a director of the Quarta Caffè roasting company, a company that has been operating in Salento for more than 60 years.


In recent days a controversy has arisen in the Leccesi in Lecce group  with the slogan STOP CALLING IT LECCESE COFFEE.


The object of contention is almond milk: apparently someone in Lecce does not like it being associated with the ingredients of Leccese Coffee.

Iced coffee involves the strict addition of coffee in the cup where there are already cubes, as also confirmed by Antonio Quarta, who claims the idea of the extraordinary alchemy between the warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the coolness of water crystallized to the right point.

Widely taken for granted is the addition of almond milk to iced coffee, considering it an integral part of the ingredients.

Even according to the Silver Spoon Leccese Coffee is a preparation that has made the whole of Italy fall in love with it, and includes the recipe with almond milk.

The Leccese people, however, apparently do not intend to take almond milk for granted, calling it an extra addition, a Salento custom.

In fact, the story told by Antonio Quarta goes like this: another variation saw the introduction of almond milk into the iced coffee, instead of sugar, becoming a welcome breakfast drink for consumers to pair with the Leccese pasticciotto.

I would say that this Leccese controversy is indeed a “pasty”.

What do you think about it?

Have you ever happened to drink or order Leccese Coffee?



The first written test of the final state examination is the same essay for everyone.

And this equality links all candidates with a thread that unites them regardless of the path that led them to that fateful day.

The day of the essay for the so-called maturity.

Those who went to high school, those who chose a technical institute; those who attended Italian classes with predisposition and those who are more into math; those who never had any bad vote and those who were able to catch up.

All of them, all students indiscriminately, find themselves on the same morning sitting on their desks in the common expectation of taking the first written test.

The castle of thoughts regarding the hypothetical topics of the tracks have become “legendary” to the point that more or less all people find themselves reliving the emotions of the hours that mark a crucial moment, a phase that ends by symbolically opening the door to the future.

How did you experience your exam?

Did you suffer through the wait?

Do you still remember what the topic of your paper was?

What was your exam about? What kind of test did it consist of?



Smart City is a definition that recurs more and more often now.

Smart City is one of the main themes of civics hours in school.

But specifically how do you experience what smart offers in your city?

In your experience, can you tell of an actual improvement in the quality of your life, or is it all still ephemeral in your neck of the woods for now?

In the image I wanted to finally “offer” you a coffee in Piazza Ducale.

But the city of Vigevano offers many other experiences, including virtual ones.

On the City’s website you can check out a Vigevano Smart City dashboard with some options among which I would like to point out the live webcam

And when you decide to come and visit our ducal living room, you will have at your disposal these directions that offer the possibility of more information via QR code.

In the same vein, a “digital” bench was inaugurated.

Red, as red is the symbolic color against violence against women

The problem is that hand in hand should also be converted the education of citizens, who too often prove to be the exact opposite of smart.

A marker mark was enough to make the QR code illegible.

This tiny stroke actually emblematically represents a great trait that sets us apart, and likewise reveals the weakness on which what should be the future rests ….

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