5 million fine to Poste Italiane.
te the Guarantor Authority for Competition and the Market verbatim:
This is the maximum amount allowed by law, but it is not deterrent in relation to the specific turnover of Poste Italiane in 2019 of € 3.492 billion. For the Authority, Poste’s behavior causes damage not only to consumers, but also to the country’s justice system.

So anyway a trifle for them.
And only the damage related to the registered letters is taken into consideration, when instead in general the rest of the services do not work …

At the beginning of the year we had a lot of problems, as well as real economic damage, due to the fact that the correspondence for the month of December was not delivered to us.

It may happen that a letter is lost, but all of them!

And these envelopes are still not received today … I imagine them lying in some office stacked waiting to end their days among the paper to be recycled, at best.

Trying to contact customer service is a titanic undertaking, of course now on the sites it is practically impossible, and the email addresses are better hidden than the Holy Grail, in any case I managed to send a complaint with precise data and references.

The answer came to me a long time later as a sheet of paper in the mailbox and was: “it was not us who took care of the delivery of your correspondence but others.”

So what?
And so to put it in simple terms, we can safely put it in the pipe and smoke it, or alternatively hit the pike, at our choice.

So you will forgive me if I don’t feel particularly distressed by this sanction.

I wonder if these rare occasions, which fall like rain in the desert, can really be enough to restore confidence in justice, and to ensure that users do not feel completely abandoned to their fate.



Fa’ la punta alla matita
corri a scrivere la tua vita.
Scrivi parole diritte e chiare:
Amore, lottare, lavorare.

Point the pencil
run to write your life.
Write words straight and clear:
Love, fight, work.

Gianni Rodari is always very topical in my opinion, but probably not even he would have imagined a time when the pencil, like all the rest of the material, would have taken second place compared to the bags that will contain them.

Each of us keeps the memory of the first day of school, how was yours? What is the first image that comes to mind?

Mine is distant in time and belongs to a time when notebooks were small, and only two: one lined and one checked, and for a moment I felt lost in the midst of children I did not know.
If I close my eyes I still smell the scent of the offellas that my mother had wrapped for a snack, making me a surprise.

In middle school, on the other hand, I felt great closing the books of the first day with those elastic bands with the clasp in front and going towards a new adventure.

At my high school debut I was alone again among unfamiliar faces, but that was the important day I met the one who would become a Great Friend for life.

But tomorrow?
What day will tomorrow be?
Paraphrasing Rodari: what kind of life can children write who tomorrow will face their first day of school with the long list of rules to respect and things not to do in hand?

Will we be able to make sure that our children can write as a “clear word Love” before FIGHT and WORK?

For once adults will be able to set the right example, will they be able to learn from mistakes, will they be able to use progress, knowledge, and above all experience, for a first day towards a better society, seriously, at least this time?

I would like it so much, and you?




Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have chosen the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence  to present their latest collection of High Jewelery, dedicating a particular piece to Caterina de’ Medici.

It would take a whole book to talk about the Black Queen, or maybe I should ask for a special biography from La ragazza approssimativa. 

At this moment, however, it is enough for me to tell you about the perfume that Catherine de’ Medici commissioned from the Dominican friars in 1533 and was brought by her to France on the occasion of her wedding with Henry of Valois. It is a fresh and citrusy bouquet, based on Calabrian bergamot.

This perfume, known as Acqua della Regina was later renamed Acqua di Santa Maria Novella  and is still on the market today.

The necklace with two cherubs holding a perfume bottle in the photo is a special piece from the collection dedicated to Caterina de’ Medici.

I must say that at Dolce & Gabbana I particularly admire the way they always affirm, and in a completely incisive way, their Italian character. Through tributes, references, quotes, reminders, and an innate spirit that emerges from every creation.

In particular, this collection is dedicated to the Renaissance  but also to the artisan workshops of Florence which represents its emblem:
Culture, beauty and history can be found in every angle of Florence.
From Fatto a Mano to Made in Italy excellence, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana pay homage to the city of the Renaissance and Tuscany in their Alta Gioielleria, Alta Sartoria and Alta Moda creations.
Discover a new rebirth in the enchanting city bathed in architectural wonder, where the roots of local artisans permeate and inspire every garment.

Repubblica Firenze  has published a short slide on the main pieces of the collection, and I don’t know about you, but I stayed struck by one creation in particular, which made me think of the quote from Albert Samain:
When you are in the grip of pessimism, look at a rose.

Wow. The glance on this necklace we say that it can be enough to defeat sooooo pessimism.

What do you say?



The first time I saw Venice was through the eyes of a little girl on the boat from Cavallino-Treporti.
Impossible not to fall in love with it.

As an adult I was able to see it a few other times, in particular it was suggestive to stay beyond the sunset to wander through the streets and squares off the most common routes, letting oneself be bewitched by the magic of a nocturnal Venice that instead of sleeping awakens whirlwinds of emotions; as well as arriving at dawn, walking among the carts headed for the local market with a thread of autumnal fog.

You know when you are in the library and suddenly you have a book in your hands that you absolutely must buy? It happened to me with a somewhat unusual guide to Venice that over the years I have kept among the books to which I have grown most fond of, yet I still have the impression that I know nothing compared to its beauty.

I have also collected images that portray the famous cats of Venice in the bliss of this city to their measure.
This picture is a gift from Luciana and perfectly represents why Venice is a charm for me.

Lela instead tagged me in the photo that portrays the Caffé Florian in Piazza San Marco with high water in 1963.
And to think that the only time we were at the Florian we didn’t order a coffee … almost a sacrilege I would say.

Who knows if the opportunity to recover … do you already have the memory of your coffee in Venice?

Among other things, the most attentive did not miss the not very obvious sign posted at the entrance of Harry’s Bar: the reopening is scheduled for Friday 28 August.
Good news for those wishing to see Hemingway’s favorite coffee table and grasp its atmosphere.
We have done it.

But the list of things to see, to live, to savor, to breathe, is very long, indeed, probably there is not even a corner that can not convey emotions in Venice.

What do you think? Could you indicate your favorite place among the Venetian wonders?



Without falling into your fears … continues the text of Mogol / Battisti song, assuming that you have fears.

I suppose I can say that this 2020 is putting even the most diehard travelers in trouble, or am I wrong?

Regardless, I have been falling into the “mental travel” category since ever, what about you instead? What do you say?
Are you leaving? Did you have to change your plans?

In case you still have room to organize a departure, you could start have a look here Cafeloud: obviously starting from the coffee 🙂 practical and detailed advices for the most varied destinations, for shorter or longer stays, for accommodation and travel, in short, you click and eveything will be explained to you.

If instead you have to stay in the field of virtual travel, the offer is now so wide that you can travel around the world in 80 clicks, but my absolute favorites are the Luciana Manco ones. 

On the contrary, I am much less determined if I have to choose a destination from those of my memories.
I have not visited many places, but I am tied to each of them because they represent in different ways happy and therefore very precious moments, so much so as to make me neglect even some totally bad coffee.

Do you have a journey of the heart that you remember in particular?
What is the type of destination you prefer?

We have rediscovered serial “walkers” not in the technical sense of the term, but more in the sense intended by Italo Calvino:
Walking presupposes that at every step the world changes in some aspect and that something changes in us.

Then it goes without saying: there are time travels, those that are done through the pages of books, but that’s another story.



The European Green Deal  sets out how to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, boosting the economy, improving people’s health and quality of life, caring for nature, and leaving no one behind.

“Climate neutrality” means zero emissions: that is, the equilibrium point thanks to which the emissions do not exceed the absorption capacity of the earth.

Various strategies fall within the scope of this project, such as Farm to fork  or Biodiversity 2030 all aimed at sustainability, and the protection of the environment and health.

For this reason, also in light of Bayer’s plea bargain  the motion of the senator Elena Cattaneo, in sharp contrast, not only screeches, but raises protests from many sides, primarily the scientific community

The shadow of the notorious Monsanto Papers emerges on the horizon.

Papers means official documents but in reality this expression refers to an investigation by Le Monde  on the ghostwriting used by the multinational to make experts apparently unrelated to Bayer / Monsanto attest statements actually produced by internal scientists, capable of discrediting those who report the toxicity of glyphosate, confirming the thesis according to which there is no evidence found that it is carcinogenic.

Recently, we often walk in the countryside between corn fields and rice fields and in particular one afternoon we happened to be right behind a field where the distribution of the herbicide was in progress.

Beyond attestations and counter-appraisals, the way in which the air breathed at that juncture leaves an unpleasant aftertaste characterized by a strong and disturbing smell and generates a sensation of persistent annoyance, may already be enough …

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