The pen is on the table how many times have you repeated this phrase?

How long has your knowledge of English continued?

Apparently, the new global survey in this regard sees Italy in the last place among all European nations for language skills in English.

Yet we begin to study English since kindergarten, we are surrounded by sources in languages of all kinds, we are also a people of saints, navigators and travelers … when possible …

We should be constantly learning and we should demonstrate significant growth in the knowledge of the English language.

Instead we are the worst at EU level, only Moldova is just after Italy as shown in the graph


The study is English Proficiency by EF but to tell the truth we don’t need a study to realize it.

On the other hand, the legendary Mr. Flanagan also taught us!

Seriously, who hasn’t followed the tutorials by John Peter Sloan at least once?

My all-time favorite character: Granny Smith of course!

We really should be able to call her at least once a day.

Do you have any suggestions for improving English?

In the meantime, I fear that we will continue to make do our way …



One can know a man from his laugh is the opening words of a famous phrase by Fyodor Dostoevsky, I would like to say “Thank goodness I’m a woman, so maybe I can not give a bad impression …”

Seriously I laugh in a rather absurd, sonorous way.
I laugh, really.

However, it is not easy to find something that really makes you laugh.

Laugh, yes!
That state of uncontrolled hilarity, which breaking out suddenly takes all paranoia by surprise, and obscures them, relieving the soul.

What are the things that make you laugh the most?

The first thought went to the scenes of some movies which have since become an integral part of my way of speaking because I often mention them.

The one richest in irony, the one in which it is difficult for me to choose a particular scene, the one that made me laugh out loud is The Big Lebowski.

Yes, I know, the Coen Brothers are particular, this humor is particular, I, I am particular… (where by particular in my case we mean not normal).


You will tell me that all this is on the contrary very tragic, in reality it is, but I find myself exorcising and basically wanting only a case.
Maybe with the hope of no longer being against the wind at least in the extreme juncture of life.

Also because … could be worse: could be raining!

I could not fail to mention Frankenstein Junior, another movie of which I am unable to choose only one scene, since I like it in an ABnorme way.

Again you say my laughter is too bitter?
It is therefore the case to give a necessary turn, and to think of someone who is synonymous with essential laughter.

A MAGICIAN and not just parallels …

Peter Sellers: the quotes would be endless, his characters have gone down in history, perhaps the most explosive is the actor in the Hollywood party. Or not?

In this regard I advise you to read From India with humor

And what about you? What makes you laugh the most?

In addition to movies, is there a book, song or play that you found particularly hilarious?

If I think of rice by associating it with a book, The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco comes to mind, a very important book for me but conceptually the opposite.

Let us therefore remain on the rice that does not kill.

Do you make me laugh? I take note …

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