It has been a long time since I sent the first book for this small bookcrossing project but between one thing and the other my times expand … laughing

I don’t know if you’ve already read the concept in about me page: I hope that it could be a good idea for you as well, if you can be interested in the book you find in the category, all you have to do is to let me know where to deliver it. I don’t ask anything in return for me, but I would suggest using the concept shown in the movie “Pay it forward”: I would like you to pass a favor on to someone else. Thanks.

As a second proposal I thought of Stephen King.
The Outsider.
The book is in Italian language.

I make a premise: HBO has produced a series.

and to stay in my way of doing things backwards, even though this was unintentional again, I saw the series first.

So one would think: a ruined book, already knowing the story… and instead I liked it a lot.

It goes without saying that in general I like Stephen King’s books, but I’m really glad I read it, if only to discover the real Holly Gibney.

In this regard, I find the coincidence singular because exactly like Abra in Doctor Sleep, the movie version of Holly also left me perplexed: both too different from how the author thought them.

For this reason I am happy to have met the Holly Gibney of the book: a character particularly full of contradictions. Which is why I probably felt a certain affinity …

But the references to the reflections that arose after reading Doctor Sleep do not end there!

Incredibly, on page 270 I find the following part of the dialogue, and it is Holly who speaks: “I have seen Paths of Glory at least a dozen times. It is one of Kubrick’s best films. Much better looking than The Shining and Barry Lyndon in my opinion. On the other hand, he was a lot younger when he shot it. The way I see it, young artists are much more likely to take risks. “

What to say?
Stephen King: The Outsider… much more than a title.

I smiled to myself as I read imagining him devising this further way of reaffirming the concept I had already described here: “a beautiful car with no engine.”

Instead I hope that bookcrossing and passing a favor get started, what do you think?



Italian title: Una stanza piena di gente

Author: Daniel Keyes

The book is in Italian language   

This book tells a true story that happened in Columbus, Ohio. The story of William Milligan, guilty of theft, kidnapping and violence against three university students. Recognized by the victims, he is arrested but a disturbing reality emerges during the trial: Milligan suffers from multiple personality disorder. 14 different personalities will emerge from the therapy, one of which is predominant and nicknamed The Master.   Personally, I found this book disturbing for what concerns the events that really happened, so inconceivable that they seem more the fruit of the imagination of some prolific author. And at the same time I found it interesting in relation to the complexity of the human brain which in many ways remains unknown. The narration is rather scrupulous and reports the facts from different points of view, just like a precise account, describing also the suffering of the protagonist, himself a victim of a chain of lives and experiences diametrically opposed to each other. Despite this, I was not able to get involved all the way, and I recognize my limit: I probably wasn’t able to fall completely into the story, I don’t know. So if you decide to read this book, all you have to do is send me an email address and then if you want, you will tell me if your impression will be different.

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