The witches seed is a title catching me immediately.

I was struck, as I often am, by the word witches, before I even found out that The witches seed is a rock opera inspired by a true story.

I was struck, as always, by the word rock, before I even found out that the music is by Stewart Copeland.

No need to specify who Stewart Copeland is  right?

After all, there are not very many legendary drummers.

And don’t miss this his I need coffee … Bali coffee rocks


sugar aside, I’m happy!!!

The witches seed where could it be represented if not in nature?

Tones theater Nature is great project of Tones on the Stones, which through a path of environmental redevelopment has begun to transform the former industrial site of Cava Roncino into a permanent Theater immersed in nature.

Magical isn’t it?

Yet that’s not all: some of the songs were written by Chrissie Hynde, another name that certainly needs no introduction, yet we can call Chrissie one of us about coffee.

Indeed, in this tweet she writes: as if I realized that over the years I would become a bit of a coffee snob. Easy to do with this new coffee culture we have embraced. But when I read Patti Smith’s tribute to Sam Shepherd, I noticed that she was referring to a cup of Nescafé when Sam called in the middle of the night.It was on my mind for a few months and I realized I was going to be a coffee snob. Surely if it’s good enough for Patti Smith, it’s good enough for me.
Now I make myself a cup of powdered coffee and get on with my day.

What to say?

If instant coffee is good enough for the great …

Speaking of great, the main performer of The witches seed will be Irene Grandi.

Besides year and month of birth, we share
Before to disagree
Try listening a little more ...

Unheard certainly have been all women tried and convicted of witchcraft, and The witches seed is inspired by a true story based on the writing of Jonathan Moore.

So let’s recap the ingredients:

– mix of Ossola Valley and immersive set projections by Edvige Faini

– mix of real-life characters and fantasy enrichments

– mix between rock and opera by the Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Eimear Noone

– mix between the pop rock imprint of Irene Grandi and the caliber of two sopranos: Maddalena Calderoni and Veronica Granatiero

– mix of Manfred Schweigklofer’s direction and Nemo Academy’s digital arts

what do you say, could that be enough?

But no: there are other really special weaves, and they are the Intreccincantiere promoted by Manifattura di Domodossola in collaboration with Lineapelle to enhance Made in Italy design and creative art, which will give a totally unique touch to the costumes.

So: July 22 and 23, The witches seed, save the date



The Bridge is out: the new work by Mr. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. Fourteenth solo album by the professor who shaked and coughed just like the old man in that book by Nabokov.

I’ve never been able to think of Sting’s undoubtedly great career without considering The Police which for me are a piece of history. Do you?

The announcement with a tweet presenting Rushing water and If it’s love

I prefer Rushing water


At first listening it made me think back to the sounds of the 80s and somehow made me retrace this bridge backwards, taking me back to the carefree atmospheres that I needed.

Which is a bit like the intent of the song: Sting says “the song ‘Rushing Water’ is a fitting start to an album that seeks to bridge all of the petty differences that can separate us.”

And I really hope it can contribute in this sense: differences must not separate us

This is the sound of atmospheres
Three metric tonnes of pressure
This is the sum of all my fears
Something I just can’t measure

Perfect words.
Words combined with a harmony of lightness that magically illuminates the bridge, which exists.

Certainly we are not at the level of what I think is his greatest alchemy: that is one of my favorite songs of all time ever, even if very often I read many detractors.

At this moment, however, I would rather mention the pearl from his first solo album The dream of the blue turtles: we can change the title by putting any other description but the concept is very topical.
Don’t you think?

We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology
But what might save us, me and you
Is if the … love their children too



Of course I couldn’t help but go crazy for this scene


David Harbor has a long filmography even if before Stranger Things probably many had that famous feeling of “I’ve seen him in which movie?”

Undoubtedly Hopper is a character!
And undoubtedly the step from Hopper to Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian is a bit of a caricature compared to the features that made Hop so loved.

Regarding Black Widow, I would especially mention the cover of Smells like teen spirit


And speaking of covers: David Harbor proposed American Pie in one of the opening scenes to give more emotionally engaging depth to his character.
Good job.

But most of all, I really enjoyed this visit to his Manhattan home


Books and books among which he was keen to show two copies of Don Quixote.

And then guitars, plants, and the memory of “Shakespeare in the park” in New York with Meryl as Juliet and Kevin Kline as Romeo I can’t believe I’ve been missing so far!

You knew it?
See here what I found! To me it’s like One-eyed Willy’s treasure!

To be explored ASAP !!!



Chop Suey! It was voted best metal song of the 21st century, first of 100 songs selected and voted by Metal Hammer and obviously I can only be happy.

And to think that as usual “with the last train” I found myself listening to System Of A Down a bit by chance: during one of my researches that start very far and then follow absurd paths, but soooo profitable in this case!

In case you haven’t done so yet, I recommend you check out their site and to listen to their appeal for the people of Artsakh through the Armenia Fund to help displaced civilians, young and old, affected by the horrific war crimes inflicted on Artsakh by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

It is for our ancestors, our culture and our nation” Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian and John Dolmayan are strongly linked to their Armenian origins and in November they released two songs to keep attention on the acts of war in the Nagorno Karabakh carried out in September 2020, frankly ignored by the mass media engaged in their monothematic communications …

The name of the group itself comes from a poem by Daron:
Victims of a down
As the century nears its formidable end, our global experience of universal proportions, predicted by many greats, will arrive at our solar system, to our system of a down.

Their music in general is absolutely recognizable for the influences that represent an enrichment and give the feeling of a very special journey.

You understand it immediately by listening to Aerials: it is impossible not to be captured by it, even if my absolute favorite is Toxicity which at first listen immediately became part of the songs I love.

But back to Chop Suey!
The name of a Chinese dish chosen because it represents the idea of cutting: to chop and because suey resonates with what was the original title: Suicide.

The text, very intense, also contains verses from the Gospel as a symbol of a sort of request for help that connotes the human side, and was considered as a protest for how the media treated the death of Kurt Cobain

Serj stated «The song is about how when people die, they will be regarded differently depending on the way they pass. Like, if I were to die from a drug overdose, everyone would say I deserved it because I abused drugs, hence the line ‘Angels deserve to die’.»

But Serj also said “it’s quite interesting how involved coffee is in a lot of people’s lives …”  laughing
here he is preparing Armenian coffee… and what cups!



The sensation that is perceived is perhaps comparable to when you are in the last cone of light before entering the tunnel.

The lighting inside is annoying because there are no lights but intermittent glare.

The main feature is in fact these regular intervals, with almost telegraphic interruptions, at the end of which the monotone litany of any type of communication or information on the TV resumes.

I don’t know about you, but I have begun to hate some words that are adopted as mantras.

And instead of rainbows now only dividing colors remain: the colors of zones.

Personally I feel the need for my refuge: music and therefore I would say that the perfect song for today is The Resistance by Muse.

Starting from the cover, which to stay on the subject of colors, represents them in a psychedelic vision.
It is no coincidence that it was judged the best of the year 2009.

To continue with the multiple meanings contained in words, texts, metaphors, such as the fact that The Resistance represents a reference to 1984 by George Orwell, which Matthew Bellamy was inspired by.


The passage that directly quotes Eurasia is another, but in reality The Resistance itself evokes a lot of Winston and Julia forced into hiding so as not to be discovered by the Party.

Returning to United States of Eurasia instead, for many it represents plagiarism rather than a quote from Bohemian Rapsody, what do you think?

Also according to the detractors, who do not even like the ghost track Collateral Damage with the sonata Notturno n. 9 by Chopin, the influences that are heard are many and referable to a sort of musical pot pourri.

Did you notice them on first listen?
What impressions does this Muse work leave you?
Do you find the atmosphere of 1984?

Although it is a classic, I, as usual, have read it very late, that is “ahead in the years” and therefore it may be that my way of perceiving it has been influenced.

1984, as is known, is obtained by inverting the digits of the year in which it was written: 1948.

A curious coincidence: 1984 was an important year in my life, a year of change, a year of which I remember much more than other particular memories and I keep memories.

On the other hand, I am not as inclined to identify the current context with as much affection.
The downward curve towards the points where Orwell’s dystopian vision aligns with reality is accentuated more and more evidently.

A bit like the famous ball on the inclined plane, although I would like to continue to hope for a decline, albeit sadly obvious, at least not as accelerated and irreversible because, to return to The Resistance:
If we live our life in fear” …



I already talked about In the end  so it’s not a mystery how much I like this song.

But as for Zombie, having also contributed in this case, I want to celebrate the billion views on You Tube, even if for Linkin Park it is the second time, after Numb.

In addition to the official channels, the announcement was made by a tweet from Mike Shinoda, and the thought goes immediately to Chester Bennington.

As with Dolores O’Riordan, however, I want to talk about life: and I recommend you watch this video in which Chester prepares coffee.

For us here in Italy, this way of filtering with water already hot is quite strange, our connection with the moka is visceral, but in my virtual travels on coffee I have had the opportunity to see this system several times and I am a little bit used to.

About the execution of Chester I love his vision of the cup, as if it may not have a capacity laughing

The video also shows his tattoo on the finger very well: he and Samantha Marie Olit, the first wife, had no money for the wedding rings, an anecdote that struck me: I find it a bit the symbol of how life reserves unexpected evolutions, or how chasing dreams is not in vain.

To return to the video of In the end, which had already won MTV in 2002 as Best rock video, have you ever tried to decode the registrations on the portal from which Chester comes out?

In addition to the concept of time of which I have already written, what struck me from the first listening was the choleric explosion of the refrain: Chester who leans with a disruptive force, as far as I am concerned he is engaging to the point of not being able not to sing.

Mike Shinoda said: “the song doesn’t know if it wants to be optimistic or pessimistic. And that’s exactly what I like.”

I find that this is the key: to enclose messages and emotions that can adapt to different visions.

The grass that sprouts where Mike pounds with his boots is my favorite image, Chester Bennington replying to an interview said: “the last image of the video is that of the growing grass: there is still time to change. You have to see the catastrophe on the horizon to decide to act. We wanted to reflect, then everyone draws his own conclusions.”

What are yours?

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