I sincerely thank all the staff of Voyage Minnesota Magazine and especially Camila, for contacting me and for the space they gave me!

I went browsing in Minnesota to discover Egg coffee and this virtual journey allowed me to discover interesting things I did not know, but at the same time someone else discovered me.

Unbelievable stuff, I know.

Yet here I am, with new friends and another story to tell.

The story of a project that I liked right away.

The story of a project whose thoughts are key words, which are also my own:

We also think that artists rock.

This is kind of the concept of Minnesota Voyage Magazine:
We love small business, mom-n-pop and holes in the walls. We’re not snobs, but we don’t love most chains. We think independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and other risk-takers make our cities exciting places to live. We cherish the rebellious spirit, we don’t think just a handful of big companies should control all of our commerce, and we think smore with vegan marshmallows are better than regular marshmallows. We respect people and organizations that take the road less traveled. We root for the underdog and almost never say no to pizza.

After all, how can one say no to pizza?

If you’d like, after pizza, you can find me by clicking on this coffee



I am delighted to receive this photo for the categhory journey from mug to mug

I sincerely thank Valeria: her cute mug comes from Piedmont.

I can do it, and I will, but after the coffee.

Basically a mantra printed on the mug.
Encouragement with every sip.
What to say? Perfect!

In Piedmont there is a place of the heart for me: Novara, a city that holds important moments of my life.

But Valeria sparked my interest in another place in particular.

A place where a very special drink is served in glasses without handles… bicerin, in fact.

I’m talking about the legendary Caffè al Bicerin since 1973 in Turin. 

Here is Valeria’s Bicerin!

I don’t know about you but I feel a sudden desire to taste it 🙂

Valeria told me that it should be drunk as it is served: that is, without mixing it.

The Bicerin is in fact composed of three basic ingredients: coffee, cream and chocolate … good company no doubt about it 🙂

Obviously, however, Bicerin is much more than that, and it is above all history.

The story of an eighteenth-century drink made up of three different separate glasses, almost as if for a sort of ritual, which over time has evolved into the current version that brings together n poc ‘d tut.

Story also told in the Virtual Museum of Turin. 

History of a drink that boasts illustrious admirers.

Umberto Eco tells it in The Prague Cemetery:
… I had gone as far as one of the legendary places of Turin at the time. Dressed as a Jesuit, and enjoying the amazement I aroused with malice, I went to Caffè Al Bicerin, near the Consolata, to take that glass, which smelled of milk, cocoa, coffee and other aromas. I still didn’t know that even Alexandre Dumas, one of my heroes, would have written about the bicerin a few years later, but in the course of two or three raids in that magical place I had learned all about that nectar …

Nectar gives a pretty good idea, don’t you think?



Dynamic leadership model is the book published by Santelli Editore that Milan Krajnc is currently presenting in Italy.

Dr. Milan kindly sent me a picture of his coffee in Milan for the column “journey from mug to mug.” 

I thank him, with the best wishes for his book presentation tour.

Dynamic leadership model is a project to which he cares in a particular way, telling of how it basically involves future and humanity, according to the principle that man first takes care of his own goals.

The cornerstone is Nature.

Business and material goals must support personal goals, according to Dr. Milan’s model.

A truly optimal concept, especially in this black period on all fronts, not least work, don’t you think?

I have had the opportunity to hear the experiences of many people and honestly, despite all my cosmic pessimism, I would not have been able to imagine to what levels one falls, in terms of working conditions, in too many areas and in too many cases, unfortunately.

This is why I feel strong empathy, in particular with my classmates from the last course I attended: a heterogeneous yet complementary group, capable of cementing itself by turning into a truly beautiful friendship.

I hope you have no problems with your job, I hope you find it satisfying, I hope your merits are recognized and paid in a suitable manner.

I hope you can witness the satisfaction, the realization of dreams, the realization of your project, just like Milan with his Dynamic leadership model.



As promised I go back to have coffee with three c by Laura: the pen of the group At Amalia’s table

We tell about Ischia between chat and coffee.
It’s the slogan underneath the photo of six gorgeous smiling women.
Fantastic! Don’t you agree?

I obviously couldn’t help but immerse myself instantly!

Following the blog I discovered absolutely interesting information, tales, stories, traditions and itineraries that led me to go beyond the perhaps best-known entrance of the Terme to find out for example unexpected details on agriculture that honestly I would not have imagined.

Because At Amalia’s table friends talk about Ischia, going in search of the soul that not even the Ischitans know fully, in a succession of in-depth studies that also range geographically up to Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Serrara Fontana and Barano
Did you already know these places?

Coffee as a meeting point.

What to say? PERFECT!!

And coffee was the very first exchange within this project that grew up at Amalia‘s table, which kicked off thanks to which the friends met, and subsequently matured between walks, villages and characters

In particular, I became passionate about the stories of Aunt Mariuccia and Sue: opposed in a sort of mirror vision that I advise you not to miss.

But there is another character to discover: Laura
Interpreter and translator, she changed her life by exploring herself through a total immersion in nature, during which she retraced the Ischian experience of the Danish author Bergsøe

La pietra cantante – The singing stone is one of her translation works that fascinated me as soon as I discovered that Laura translated it from a text in gothic characters … as I already said, I love these things that I consider a bit like dreams.

At the bottom of dreams isn’t it always nice to write to be continued?
So we can’t help but continue the discovery of this Singing Stone soon, right?



As a real mess I always do things backwards, of course, but this time it doesn’t matter!

Loredana Marconi studied the architecture of her work so that starting from the “sequel”, as I did, does not in any way affect the immersion of the story while reading.

Nuvole is in fact one of the evolutionary scenarios of the Il soffio collection.

I found the author’s idea of associating five different types of wind with as many options that represent life’s “routes”, but also moods, and attitudes to face the journey that destiny reserves.

Loredana’s inspiration, whom I thank very much for her availability, was born thanks to this tile depicting the wind rose, found on a Maghreb stall on the Anguillara lakefront.

Speaking of the lakefront, a huge thank you also for the photo with the cup of coffee!

For those who follow Loredana it is automatic to become interested to the shots that she publishes because they tell moments of serenity and beauty of our country.

The Clouds, on the other hand, led me to fantasize about a dream island while at the same time making me feel a little like home, thanks to the features of the characters that contain the familiar aspects of a small community, always maintaining the top important basis of friendship, the true one.

And you? Where would you like to go with the wind?




What is red? A color? No, I would say much more, red is a mood, red is energy, red stimulates creativity.
But the most suitable person to explain red to us is Emanuela!
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude: the cup of coffee in the picture is hers, and she gave me the inspiration for a sort of itinerant “journey” from mug to mug.
Thanks to Emanuela this trip starts from Sicily: among the many quotes that praise it, I chose this one by Goethe
“Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit. It is in Sicily that is the key to everything … The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the exchange of soft colors, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea to the land… who saw them once, shall possess them for a lifetime.”

Emanuela, would you tell more about your red and your Sicily?

Red is a color that never goes unnoticed, and that immediately strikes, often makes you fall in love too! 😍 It happens to me when I see, for example, the handicraft objects typical of my land, Sicily, or those souvenirs like bijoux, carts, magnets, etc. where fantasy has no limit! Red is an omnipresent color, and it’s also the color of the lava, that often flows out of the Etna volcano, which is clearly visible from where I live, in the Catania’s area. Red is a bright, cheerful color, with a nice temper, I would say. Until a few years ago, I associated it almost exclusively with Christmas, but in short time I learned to appreciate it as a color to wear and use all year round because it is a strong and fun color, even … it makes me happy and never bores me. That’s why I wanted to create a page dedicated to this color: taking inspiration from the many red objects I own and that I will continue to buy as I happen to go around shops or stalls. Like this cute cockerel with Etna (purchased in an Etna village) that struck me immediately, because it was small and red (color of lava), I must say that it was it who made me flash the idea of ​​opening a page on red, not surprisingly, I put it as first object that inaugurates the page! I strongly believe that red is one of the typical colors of my land, in addition to blue (the color of the sea), and someone else, of course, however I associate red more with the color of the mainland, and the land that burns with fantasy, when it comes to create things typically made in Sicily! And what about the red + black: pair of my favorite drink, coffee? 🌋☕ For me it’s a double explosion of joy! 🎉🎊!

Surely Emanuela’s joy is perceived in all its explosion and I thank her because this is just one of the many special coffees she dedicated to me!
ROSSO A PIÙ NON POSSO is her page: color, warmth, energy, fantasy and red of course!

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