There is still tomorrow which sees the directorial debut of Paola Cortellesi is the film that won the Audience Award, Special Jury Prize and Mention as Best First Work at the Rome Film Festival

Paola Cortellesi doesn’t need to be introduced, I always remember one of her gags in which she ironically listed all the things she has done, which are really so many and very different from each other, but which have the same feature in common: they are all done well.

I thank Elisa and her proposal: we went to the movies together fearing that we would have to use tissues to wipe tears and instead we mostly surprised ourselves.

The Friends.
In the movie: Delia and Marisa.

Emotion, however, was not lacking.

I, for one, was moved by the portrayal of a mother’s love for her daughter, who is played by Romana Maggiora Vergano in the film.

A love above all things, a love for which nothing is impossible, a pure and unwavering love.

Fragility and strength in a maelstrom of endurance and determination in which the ability to carry the crushing weight of a long interminable series of verbal and physical injustices and bullying, is catalyzed in the resolute will to seek a better destiny for Marcella.

Mother and daughter.

A crushed mother and a model daughter who does not understand Delia’s submission.

Succumbing and resisting at the same time, in a dance that is broken melody, is rock, is hip hop rap, is retro.

Marcella does not understand, but she will.

Marcella will look at her mother Delia and see the affirmation of a seemingly simple but extremely important gesture as a right, as a beginning.

Every change has a beginning.

There is still tomorrow represents “the music that changes” in a literal sense: I cannot fail to mention the repertoire songs from the soundtrack:
Aprite le finestre Fiorella Bini
Nessuno Naked Music
Perdoniamoci Achille Togliani
A bocca chiusa Daniele Silvestri
M’innamoro davvero Fabio Concato
La notte dei miracoli Lucio Dalla
Calvin The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
B.O.B. – Bombs Over Baghdad Outkast
The little things Big Gigantic featuring Angela McCluskey
Swinging on the right side Lorenzo Maffia and Alessandro La Corte
Tu sei il mio grande amor Lorenzo Maffia, Alessandro La Corte and Enrico Rispoli.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Surprising as what you don’t expect from There is still tomorrow: the ending.

Indeed, in my heart I hoped that Delia’s project would not be the obvious one, but at the same time I would not have guessed an epilogue like the one with which Paola Cortellesi invites everyone to a beautiful reflection.

Light yet explosive, simple yet disruptive, just like Delia, just like Paola.

Yes because Delia is Paola, she is Marcella, and she is our grandmother.

Delia is so many lives of giving up, Delia is so many years of suffering.

Like nothing at all.



I share from the blog ESCAPE FROM POLIS.

Why a postcard, and who is Patrizia ? Let’s start with the important things:

Patrizia is the wife of our Andrea “Kikkakonekka,” so we can refer to her as “our” Patrizia. In email conversations with Andrea, I learned that they are going through a delicate and difficult time, for both of them, and that the period in question is one of those-which sooner or later in one way or another touches everyone-where every little positive “input” from the outside world can help to lighten the difficulties, to generate a smile, a nice thought, in short, to feel less alone in the difficulty.

Andrea thought (and I fully agree) that it would be nice if all of us Friends (even if virtual, here on FdP we are Friends) could send at their home address a “old-fashioned” postcard, from all the places where we are at the moment, with a greeting to Patrizia, handwritten on paper, like in the old days. A way of making “real” the “virtual.” 

I think this is a very shareable thing: I make it my own and personally request to all of you to participate, in the full spirit that has always animated this Blog. I know that it requires a minimum of effort (it may sound strange, but I realize that nowadays it is easier to do something online than to write a postcard, stamp it and physically mail it), but I ask you within the limits of what is possible to do it, this “effort.”

For clear reasons of expediency, the mailing address to send the postcards will not be posted here (as it is their home address), but if you would like to participate you can ask Andrea or me directly by email. The addresses (which I write cryptically to avoid “bots” that steal emails from sites) are as follows:

For Andrea: kikkakonekka [at] libero [dot] it

For me: albert-1 [at] virgilio [dot] it

Key thing to know: this whole thing, for our Patrizia is a surprise, and she reads Andrea’s Blog. So, please don’t mentioned it on his blog. All communication, questions and comments should be made exclusively by email or on FugaDaPolis.

Andrea also wanted to share some of his feelings on his Blog, find his article from last Friday here.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, I know things on FdP work well because we are cool people, so I expect massive participation. It is important, please do your best !



How exciting are the men who break our hearts is the book written by Dianella Bardelli, whom I thank very much.

The first contact I had with Dianella was vocal, I listened to her voice, which struck me even before discovering the main aspect of the book, and even before realizing what I was going to discover as I read: a feature in common between Dianella and Lenore, I think.

Lenore Kandel.

Dianella Bardelli in her book published by Compagnia Editoriale Aliberti writes in a style that is as personal, immersive as it is biographical.

Lenore Kandel is a poet belonging to the Hippie culture. Actually, often the Hippy  movement is called a “counterculture,” but I don’t like to think in those terms.

Lenore in particular stood out for the intensity with which she lived and spread the very essence of her passion.

Passion that finds its most emblematic representation in The Love Book: a text deemed obscene, seized and banned to such an extent that three clerks were brought to trial on charges of dissemination through their bookstores.

San Francisco, 1967.

A year that began with the Human Be-In at Golden Gate Park prelude to the summer remembered by all as the Summer of love.

An era that I had never fully explored until now but Lenore and Dianella showed me in all its philosophy.

Lenore and Dianella, two women, distant in space, time, and color, but close in writing as an expression of their intense passion.

Dianella’s face is framed by golden hair.

Lenore’s face is highlighted by the famous black braids.

Dianella writes novels and poems, and in addition to How Exciting the Men Who Break Our Hearts, she published Near but Far, Altruistic Fish are Reborn Children, Neal’s Psychedelic Bard, Toward Katmandu in Search of Happiness, I’m Going for a Look, 1968.

Lenore, beyond the aforementioned The Love Book left us, among other works, Word Alchemy … a title that I find poetic in itself.

Dianella’s destiny led her to discover Lenore by chance and to be the only woman to tell us about her in Italy.

Lenore’s destiny led her to be on stage at the Human Be-In on January 14, 1967, the only woman to speak, on her thirty-fifth birthday.

You can see her here after the greetings from minute 11:30.

Dianella writes on three blogs:

Spontaneous Poetry 

A writing blog 

A haiku blog 

in addition to countless web collaborations.

Lenore left us this conversation with Carlos Fresneda, in which she also quotes Lawrence Ferlinghetti while you can have a view through Isaac Hernandez’s photos.

Basically, How Exciting the Men Who Break Our Hearts to me spoke about Women, and, in my own personal reading key, I found myself thinking about how our lives breaks us.

Without adding more I leave you with this sentence from the book:
What is not sufficiently illuminated by the light of wisdom fails to move from idealization to concrete realization.



The 37th annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held Nov. 5 at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation for the Performers category honored:

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

Duran Duran


Eurythmics <3

Dolly Parton 

Lionel Richie

Carly Simon 

However, Carly Simon did not participate because she was tried by the loss of her two older sisters within a day of each other.

We all know well how fate can be mocking, and how life gives and takes away, abruptly and arbitrarily.

Joanna Simon passed away on October 19, Lucy Simon on the 20th, both due to cancer.

During the ceremony, it was therefore Olivia Rodrigo who sang You’re so vain.

Not without trailing controversy from Alanis Morissette who forfeited.

What do you think about?

Still, there are many interpretations of what is among the most famous songs of all time.

I also like Kate Hudson, after all, it could only be so since I admire both of her parents.

What about David?

Also here on the blog you will find a dedication: “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee

It should definitely be remembered, however, that Carly is also much much more.

For example, it is impossible not to find her Let the river run in loop in your head each time you watch the movie Working Girl.

Or it is impossible not to sing Coming around again from Heartburn with Meryl

Do you want to add something?




Afghanistan where God only comes to weep is the title of the book written by Siba Shakib that I read thanks to Vincenzo Franca e Francesco

Also with Siba Shakib I share month and year of birth

And in this video among other things she talks about sitting together and drinking coffee.


But this time the reading instead of a relaxing moment was particularly painful.

This book was still a journey, from which, however, I returned with a wound.

Afghanistan, where God only comes to weep.
I think the words chosen by the author as an introduction to her book are absolutely emblematic.

When I told about Denise Ho, Gabriella reminded how important it is to keep the focus on other realities as well, and surely the condition of women in Afghanistan is one of them.

On July 1, the Human Rights Council concluded its 50th regular session after adopting 23 resolutions and held an urgent debate on the human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. In a resolution, the Council reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights by all women, girls and children in Afghanistan, including the right to freedom of movement, the right to education, the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, including their sexual and reproductive health, the right to work and the right to access justice on an equal basis with others. The Council asked the High Commissioner to hold an enhanced interactive dialogue during its 51st session, with the participation of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan.

Yet these words seem sterile empty and useless: UN News on July 1 published a terrible “statistic”

The situation of women in Afghanistan is so desperate that they commit suicide at the rate of one or two a day.



In the picture red shoes in Vigevano where various initiatives were organized on the occasion of the international day for the elimination of violence against women

The theme of the 2021 campaign is #OrangeTheWorld.
Orange is the color to represent
a brighter future free from violence against women and girls, if you want you can share the gif or a personal picture of yourself with this color.

All very nice, but ten years have passed since Europe adopted the Istanbul Convention and in essence the situation is only getting worse.

The number of victims is terrifying, just as following the cases in the daily news leaves us stricken in the face of stories from which, to say the least, hallucinating circumstances emerge.

This is why I find it important to spread the number 1522 to contact the anti-violence line and I liked the idea of some stores to add it to the receipt, bags etc.

In case it is not possible to call, you can start a chat directly from the site

There are also many local associations that are a valid and efficient aid in the area.

The point where the mechanism jams is another and responds to the sad refrain “the laws are there, the difficult thing is to apply them.”

So I would say that since in recent days it has been amply demonstrated that, when the state really wants, in real time it carries out its intent, it would really be the case not to use two weights and two measures.

As my son’s teacher says “there are sons and stepchildren” or stepdaughters in this case, because we are all the same but some keep being more equal.

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