MICAM 90 #StrongerTogether

MICAM 90 #StrongerTogether

The 90th edition of the MICAM exhibition closes today  which had MICAM in Wonderland as its theme with a great MICAM Digital Show in collaboration with the NuORDER platform, not only for e-commerce but also for after-sales services and above all communication.

After the debut in February, the MICAM X area  focuses meetings and workshops on four points: Art Fashion Heritage & Future, Retail of the future, Trends and materials, Sustainability.

But above all it should be noted the magic of #MicamTales which ranges from the Tea Tasting with set-up and White Rabbit to the IKIDS square: a fairytale setting in which there is also the most large shoe made in Italy with Lego bricks.

Special mention for #MicamDolls: an evolution of the collaboration with Humana which since 2017 has collected 21,500 pairs of unsold shoes with the initiative A hand with the feet and which this year has introduced the Wonder Dolls whose proceeds will go to the education of children in Malawi.

These dolls are inspired by Alice in Wonderland characters and are created with recycled yarns by the artist Allison Hoffmann who crochets them.

A special space has been dedicated to new designers,  MICAM is in fact a very important showcase that offers previews of what will be new trends to come.

Slippers stand out more among the novelties for the summer.
Very colorful and available in various versions from extra light to tank, padded, and decorated with stones or fur.
Here you can convince me because my retrograde vision takes over …

Seriously, one thing is sure: the right praise must be given to those who do not give up and do their utmost to restart with courage, inventiveness, spirit of adaptation and ability to evolve #StrongerTogether.



Of course, shoes are always a good topic while chatting with coffee, indeed, about shoes there is always a lot to tell.
For example, I am one who gets fond of shoes, like many other things, so in my case almost all pairs of shoes have their own story.
What about yours?
I got this curiosity by reading about the exhibition recently inaugurated in Florence at the Fashion and Costume Museum of Palazzo Pitti which traces the evolution of the shoe from ancient times and boasts about 80 models, no, models is an understatement, it is real art that come for example from international museums including the Louvre.
“At the feet of the gods” is a great title, but even ordinary mortals can feel like having wings on feet!
What are the shoes that make you fly?
How do you live your shoes?
Mine practically age with me, and for this reason I have had various path accidents such as the sandal broken precisely while I was running to get my son, or the sole of the amphibious boots that chose to implant on the sidewalk on a nice rainy day leaving me continue hopping like a gerbil.
I would be curious to know how you choose the shoes, or if shoes choose you.
In addition to the outfit, in my opinion, the shoes must also harmonize with the mood.
So what is your mood like?


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