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The first time I saw Venice was through the eyes of a little girl on the boat from Cavallino-Treporti.
Impossible not to fall in love with it.

As an adult I was able to see it a few other times, in particular it was suggestive to stay beyond the sunset to wander through the streets and squares off the most common routes, letting oneself be bewitched by the magic of a nocturnal Venice that instead of sleeping awakens whirlwinds of emotions; as well as arriving at dawn, walking among the carts headed for the local market with a thread of autumnal fog.

You know when you are in the library and suddenly you have a book in your hands that you absolutely must buy? It happened to me with a somewhat unusual guide to Venice that over the years I have kept among the books to which I have grown most fond of, yet I still have the impression that I know nothing compared to its beauty.

I have also collected images that portray the famous cats of Venice in the bliss of this city to their measure.
This picture is a gift from Luciana and perfectly represents why Venice is a charm for me.

Lela instead tagged me in the photo that portrays the Caffé Florian in Piazza San Marco with high water in 1963.
And to think that the only time we were at the Florian we didn’t order a coffee … almost a sacrilege I would say.

Who knows if the opportunity to recover … do you already have the memory of your coffee in Venice?

Among other things, the most attentive did not miss the not very obvious sign posted at the entrance of Harry’s Bar: the reopening is scheduled for Friday 28 August.
Good news for those wishing to see Hemingway’s favorite coffee table and grasp its atmosphere.
We have done it.

But the list of things to see, to live, to savor, to breathe, is very long, indeed, probably there is not even a corner that can not convey emotions in Venice.

What do you think? Could you indicate your favorite place among the Venetian wonders?

E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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