New rules for the Oscar: news that occupies many titles and newspapers.

I think it is useless to explain further, it is now known to anyone that starting from 2024 in order to aspire to the victory of the prestigious award of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science, the cast, as well as the production staff, will have to INCLUDE people belonging to certain “categories”.

Wanting to stay on an ironic tone, one would wonder if Academy President Rubin’s past as casting director could have influenced, but the smile immediately fades and I don’t know about you, but I feel more on the wavelength of Kirstie Alley who called this “Orwellian” decision.

Personally, this concept of categories does not belong to me starting from the infamous “pink quotas”.

For me, inclusion does not have to take place by regulation, and in any case there is a distinction between deserving a certain position or obtaining it by decree, which is even more discriminating in my opinion.

It is the common thought that must evolve, the very concept of diversity not as extraneousness but as an added value, as freedom.

Understanding in the sense of containing in oneself, embracing, enclosing, receiving spiritually, rather than including in a number, in a series, in a list.

Inserting as a clause the presence of people defining them as BELONGING TO A CATEGORY is not itself a discrimination?

When you define a person according to their origins, according to their nature or according to their orientation, does it not create a subdivision that shouldn’t exist instead?

Shouldn’t we all be thinking of someone just SUITABLE FOR THE ROLE OR DUTY, and nothing more?

I would not like to be a pink share, better yellow like light, or something green, like hope.




An entire blog should be dedicated to the one who is the absolute Queen, just to express that minimum of admiration and esteem She deserves.

But to remain in our space-time measure of coffee in the meantime, I would start from the bottom: that is, from the trailer for the next Death on the Nile. Have you already seen it?

Needless to say, I am very curious, not to mention that as soon as I heard the first notes of Policy of Truth  a standing ovation was triggered.

Unfortunately I haven’t been to many concerts but Depeche Mode in Milan in the 80s was a big yes.

But let’s go back to Death on the Nile: we can consider this one as the third version after the film with Peter Ustinov in 1978 and Poirot on the Nile in 2004 with David Suchet.

I’d say Kenneth Branagh feels comfortable playing the detective born from the pen of Agatha Christie if he’s decided to replicate after Murder on the Orient Express.

Yet Hercule Poirot is a very particular character, apparently uncomfortable I would say, and in general I would never have associated him with Branagh even if I consider him very good. Maybe because I have always perceived him as very English and as a Shakespearean actor par excellence.

Moreover, in Murder on the Orient Express, in my opinion Kenneth Branagh’s proof became even more complicated with the presence of Johnny Depp: since he is possessed by the spirit of Jack Sparrow he has accustomed us to caricature roles such as Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, not to mention Mortdecai, who, as far as I’m concerned, caused the question “why is Depp Ratchett and not Poirot?”

To tell the truth, however, Branagh’s mustache, for how exaggerated it may seem, is more faithful to the mustache described by Agatha Christie, isn’t it?

So, leaving aside interpretations that have not left their mark such as those of Albert Finney, Tony Randall, Austin Trevor and Alfred Molina, who is your favorite Poirot?

Peter Ustinov, David Suchet or Kenneth Branagh?



These summer days for two completely different reasons brought me a red thread.

The first is musical: Fil Rouge to be precise.
Fil Rouge is the song of Curcuma, but it is also the important step in a journey made of pure passion, commitment, perseverance and skill.
Fil Rouge is re-starting, reuniting, it is part of a big dream and it is a great result.

Personally, I found myself immediately adopting the no matter if “NON IMPORTA SE”… that Dennis and Samuel sing, and I find it perfect.
In general, taking inspiration from the passage written by Samuel, I believe that we all need various NO MATTER IF to repeat ourselves with emphasis and cheerfulness.

The second red thread instead is not in the sunlight.
The second red thread, on the other hand, is DARK.
It is “underground”, occult, and leads to completely different reflections.

Claudia spoke to me about this series: for me a guarantee. During the time I have learned that if she likes something, I will certainly like it too.

What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.
Isaac Newton

At the end of each episode, I was left with a quantity of questions, or alternatively with topics of discussion that only multiplied, so that at the final conclusion my son gave me a definitive explanation which I will obviously omit in order not to spoil.

I would like to make a reflection in a broad sense: it is often said, and absolutely not wrongly, that the lever that moves everything is money.
So it’s nice when instead you find yourself considering a FORCE that starting from a metaphysical engine and a four-dimensional vision is reconverted and can move with equal determination proving to be the generator of events: love.

Love for the family.
However ramshackle, improbable, unstable and imperfect it may be, still Family.



I don’t mean to be witty with this title, since there is NOTHING to smile about at all.
By definition, tragedy is a work and dramatic representation that is characterized not only by its tone and high style, but also by a development and above all a conclusion marked by mournful and violent events, by serious misfortunes and sufferings.

We learned through the news that ran between newspapers and news in 2015 what happened in Greece, or better, in Europe, for the renegotiation of the huge Greek debt, but the Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis wrote a book on his struggle against the European establishment.

This book inspired the Greek director Costa Gavras.
The film carries the same title as the book: Adults in the room and is inspired by a statement by Christine Lagarde during those negotiations: “adults would be needed in this room.”

It is precisely what happens inside the rooms that we do not know, and I would say that this phrase is emblematic.
Just as emblematic is the way in which Germany attempted to prevent the realization of Costa Gavras’ work, and one immediately wonders WHY.

The film, presented at the Venice film exhibition in 2019 despite having earned the prize the Jaeger-LeCoultre to the director, was boycotted in Germany where Deutschland Tabu still remains, as reported directly from a German source. 

It is not welcome how the effects of the austerity imposed by the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble appear evident.
In fact, the diktats did not take into consideration the social impact on the Greek population.

In practice, the rescue of Greece was managed only in terms of belonging to the Eurozone, without any consideration for the Greek people that Alexis Tsipras and Yanis Varoufakis tried to represent in vain.

It is sadly known: priority given to banks rather than people.

“It was  the first time that I played a real person who existed in flesh and blood. Curious that my research was to get to know her.”
This is the statement that Valeria Golino, before even expressing her satisfaction at having had the opportunity to act in Greek given the origins of her mother, released to describe her role as Danae Stratou.
Excellent choice Valeria!
After all, she has accustomed us to these style shots since Rain Man.

Shouldn’t we all get to know people to understand their lives?



I should mention the chocolates, but maybe even if I stay on the coffee we can still say “you never know what you’re gonna get” …

July 6 marks the anniversary of the debut in theaters of this movie which after 26 years and 24 awards including the prestigious oscars for best film, director and leading actor, apparently continues to collect discordant criticisms and opinions.

In fact, it has recently been included in the Variety list  among the movies to avoid because racist.

And to think that previously Forrest Gump had also been accused of being loaded with propaganda at a more or less subliminal level precisely for the various excursions of 30 years of American history that it contains.

“The quartered man”, in fact. Literally it derives from a media campaign put in place in 1973 to impress public opinion with gruesome news reports against Salvador Allende’s nationalization policy in Chile.

Obviously, no quartering is attributed to Forrest Gump, but the principle of wanting to give a piloted image remains.

One would say “and so?” … in fact, the story of the power of American presidents for example, or a certain rewriting of the war in Vietnam, are not particularly subliminal, aspects which, moreover, constitute the common denominator of many other films.

However, there is also a sort of sub-text on the character played by Robin Wright: Jenny, who has many similarities with the unfortunate actress Jean Seberg, among whom the attendance of the Black Panthers stands out above all.

A movie out of competition at the Venice Film Festival 2019 was presented precisely on the life of Jean Seberg.

The film, with Kristen Stewart was released in streaming and in Italy is entitled more precisely: “Seberg – In the viewfinder.”

This viewfinder would be that of the FBI within the COINTELPRO program, an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program.

The Ku Klux Klan was also included in this same program in 1964, which is why Forrest Gump was included in the famous list of movies not recommended.

So the circle closes?

Propaganda or racism, to viewers the arduous sentence.



A cappuccino please.”
What she said.”

laughing off course I start from coffee, and off course you have already guessed where this conversation takes place and between whom.
We could almost call it a “keep calm” situation even if the calm does not last long …

About Luchino Caffe I love the checkered floor, but being able to find myself at that red table instead of coffee or cappuccino I would like a polyjuice!

“Has anyone seen a toad?”
Hermione won us over immediately: her hair, her way of moving her head to underline even more her wit, her “knowing everything” fully deserved.

Surely Emma Watson has been good at interpretation, as much as in not remaining tied to the character, accompanying her personal and professional growth with a completely unique path.

An emblematic coffee is the one completely different in Bling Ring. An opposite characterization, in which a certain inclination for the world of fashion emerges, which is the reason why I’m talking about her.

First, however, I would like to underline how hers is a completely personal style, which goes through very specific choices and relevant initiatives, among which the speech to the UN as women’s ambassador in favor of the HeForShe campaign for UNwoman in defense of the gender equality.

Yet she always remains simply magical, and becomes a book fairy by leaving copies of the book “Mom & Me & Mom” in the London Underground for booksharing Books On the Underground.

Or organizing a reading group, a sort of book club with which it promotes female sharing.
And even though she entered the Guinness Book of Records at only 19 years of age to be the actress of the decade that achieved the highest takings, she maintains a precise line also in terms of fashion: passionate about looks and trends, but only strictly eco-friendly.
You can follow her here.

So fashion, but ethical fashion, far from the sacked wardrobes in Sofia Coppola’s movie!

A very precise “platform”, a concrete “platform”, a unique journey whose last stop is


Emma Watson has joined the board of directors.

“You really are the brightest witch of your age!”

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