Rey Enigma, King Enigma, describe himself as a professional chess player who dedicated much of his life to the ‘wonderful world of chess.’

I think it takes a brilliant mind to be a chess champion, but Rey Enigma’s stroke of genius was to conceal his identity.

In fact, the Mystery King is willing to play with anyone who wants to challenge him, but he only ever appears in public completely disguised.

This aspect, combined with his skill, contributes to making him a character, despite the fact that by his own admission, he requires enormous sacrifice and methodical and meticulous constant attention.

So we know Rey’s voice, and we know that chess is a mission for him: King Enigma created ChessEnigma a platform that offers the possibility to practise and hone one’s skill in the game of chess through practical courses.

Can you play chess?

To me, the magic game in Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone immediately comes to mind

Or the episode of Columbo, one of those with Dog, by the way

Although the quintessential cinematic chess game is the one with death in The Seventh Seal.

Do you want to go on with other quotes?

In the meantime, I’ll make coffee to drink with these biscuits 🙂



Frosta sent me two kinds of pasta to try, this is the second test after the granola

We already talked about pasta in connection with Senatore Cappelli wheat, the pasta Frosta sent me is a frozen dish, ready in minutes.

Do you ever use ready-made dishes, maybe for lack of time?

Honestly, I am in the habit of cooking pasta in the traditional way, but products like this, which Frosta is going to put on the market, are quick and practical.

All you need is a pan and a handful of minutes: just empty the contents of the bag and add a tablespoon of water

Here it is

Do you ever consume ready-made meals or only strictly homemade food?

As you know, there are many sides to me, so I believe there are times for rolling pin and pasta machine, but also days of relentless struggle to keep up with everything during which it is OK to concentrate on other creations.

Do you enjoy cooking?

Do you like to invent your own versions, or are you strictly traditional?

Speaking of typical recipes, what is the dish that most identifies your area?

We are actually more in the land of rice here, but I think I can say that pasta is the most common dish.

I know, I’m talking about carbohydrates, a sore point, a bit of a cross and a bit of a delight.

I think to Emily in Devil Wears Prada with her iconic phrase ‘you eat carbs!’

And you?

Do you prefer short ‘carbs’ or spaghetti?

Can you tell me your recipe



Tashirojima 田代島 is an enchanting island populated mainly by cats

Hidden among the waves of the Sea of Japan, Tashirojima emerges as an enchanted oasis where pussycats reign supreme.

Located in Miyagi Prefecture, this small island has become world famous as ‘The Island of Cats’, a place where feline inhabitants outnumber humans and where the presence of these creatures is honoured as an ancient tradition.

The history of Tashirojima is intertwined with the bond between the island and its cats. Over the centuries, local fishermen are said to have believed that the presence of cats brought good luck and prosperity to their boats and fishing.

Today, Tashirojima is a unique tourist destination, captivating visitors from all over the world with its picturesque landscape and feline population.

Wild cats roam freely around the island’s streets, interacting with tourists and providing moments of joy and entertainment.

The islanders have also built several ‘neko-jinja’ (cat shrines) in honour of their furry friends, where visitors can pay their respects and leave offerings such as toys or food for the cats.

In addition, there are also some tourist facilities on the island that welcome visitors eager to experience the unique atmosphere of this feline community.

For cat lovers, Tashirojima is a true paradise on earth.

Here they can stroll through the island’s picturesque coastal landscapes, interact with a diverse cat population and fully immerse themselves in the culture and tradition surrounding these fascinating animals.

In conclusion, Tashirojima is much more than just an island: it is a world apart, where the presence of cats is considered sacred and where daily life is permeated by the magic and affection of these adorable animals.

For anyone seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and a unique encounter with Japanese nature and culture, Tashirojima is the perfect place to explore and discover.




Coffee Cits a lakeside community located on a peninsula jutting into Lake Palestine in East Texas.

With three sides of the city bordered by water,  this is a popular location for fishing, boating and other water sports.

As soon as I saw the picture with the sign I couldn’t believe my eyes, so imagine what a surprise when I understood it is real!

Looking for information, I fell in love with this kind of metaphor: the history of this location can fit in a pecan shell.

Coffee City in fact only materialised in the 1960s after the construction of Lake Palestine.

Yes: construction, because Lake Palestine is an artificial lake created by the Blackburn Dam.

This reservoir spans portions of four counties in the state of Texas: Anderson, Smith, Henderson and Cherokee.

I smile because for us Anderson and Henderson tend to sound the same, and Smith … well it’s kind of like the equivalent of our idea of top common name …

Back to Coffee City, which is apparently home to a residential community with no history but a recent unfortunate news: it seems that there were 250 inhabitants and 50 policemen in … what can we say?

Perhaps it is better to focus on the Coffee City Fire Department: firefighters in the US are an institution par excellence.

In Coffee City there is also the Bella Italian Café

I couldn’t find any particular connection to Italy, but it’s still a tribute, how about that?

While we think about it I’ll let you admire this view … 



The Duchess of Sussex drinks coffee: Meghan Markle appears as an ‘indirect’ testimonial in a reel on Instagram promoting Clevr coffee. 

I don’t know if this is great news, in fact coffee is a further detail, let’s say, not typically traditional for the United Kingdom.

No English tea then, although in fact the bio of Clevr Blends talks about tea:

We are a wellness brand of humble beginnings born in 2016 in California and led by women.

Our approach to wellness goes beyond just the cup: its roots are in our sourcing, where ethical and transparent supply chains are our foundation ensuring that a portion of our revenue goes to support more equitable food systems.

The hope is that we have created something that will be the first and simplest good decision you make every day… we are here to encourage you, to make you a cup of tea when you feel tired.

I wonder why since the main products are ‘lattes’ which are a type of coffee made with espresso and steamed hot milk, in other words with more milk than cappuccino

Meghan Markle has been investing in this company for a few years now and has helped to introduce it to Oprah Winfrey, for example.

Personally, I don’t follow Sussex affairs with particular interest and Meghan Markle is not among the people I admire, do you?

I found out that her blog, currently dormant despite rumours of reopening in early autumn, is called The Tig in honour of Tiganello wine.

So coffee, tea or Tig?



SPECIAL birthday present for KCDC!

Keep Calm & Drink Coffee turns four years old, I just ten lustres older, but we both received this fantastic gift from Elisa Mirko and Diego

Don’t you think it’s perfect?

As you know I love cats, the coffee cup is really cute and the attitude is absolutely iconic.

Speaking of iconic cats, do you have a favourite?

Maybe Sylvester Cat, from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

Or Tom from Hanna-Barbera

Maybe Felix the cat

Or Garfield

In my memories of fairy tales is Puss in Boots,  the one about the Marquis of Carbas.

Also nice is the version of Puss in Boots from Shrek.

The kitty Keep Calm & Drink Coffee on the other hand, what do we call him?

Did you know that cats sleep an average of 12 to 16 hours with peaks of 18 hours?

Practically twice as long as we sleep.

What can we say? We have only to learn!

KCDC kitty even has an eye mask!

I’d launch a poll to see what the favourite name is, for example, between:










But I’m sure you’ll come up with a better idea!

So tell me! What name shall we give the birthday present?


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