Luciana asked me for the recipe and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaya and Salvo too for their pasta recipes, and to answer Maria: Kefir tastes good to me, but consider that I don’t like sweetening … it is actually acid with a very slight slightly “alcoholic” tip so Jaya’s advice to add fruit smoothies (or simply fresh fruit) or to make other types mixing using fantasy is more than appropriate for someone who is not much for “raw” things like me laughing

But let’s get to Sablé Pastry: the first time I tried it was when I was looking for a recipe for something sweet that was egg-free since my father couldn’t eat them.

To tell the truth, many recipes, starting for example with Il cucchiaio d’argento, include eggs in the preparation, but they seem perfect to me even this way: sablé means sprinkled with sand, a concept that can be associated with the idea of a certain amount of friability, otherwise I miss the difference with the shortcrust pastry, but you correct me if I’m wrong.


150 g of flour

100 g of butter

50 g of sugar

20 g of coffee

a pinch of salt

The coffee must not be hot and you can also dose it by eye according to the consistency of the dough: so that the resulting paste is smooth and elastic.

Before being worked, the dough must rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, after which you can indulge yourself with the shapes.

Who has cute stencils?
For example, I obviously have a weakness for wings

Transfer to baking paper and bake at 180° for about 18 minutes, to keep an eye on and evaluate also based on the thickness of the cookies.

I don’t know about you, I would then dip the edges in melted chocolate or pair the cookies with a generous layer of Nutella in the middle laughing too much? Come on, with the first coffee it fits …



I received a particular gift: a family of lactic ferments that I am very happy to adopt: the Kefir.

The Treccani definition  defines Kefir as a frothy, creamy and slightly alcoholic drink obtained by lactic-butyric fermentation of milk.

This exotic name comes from the Caucasus and is very popular especially in Russia. It consists of granules: the Kefiran, composed of bacterial polysaccharides that contain live microorganisms.

Kefir can be considered a probiotic that is, a microorganism that once ingested exercises beneficial functions for the body.
Here you can find the nutritional properties and the main benefits.

Have you ever tried to keep lactic ferments?
The procedure is simple:

  • the granules are placed in a glass jug with a wide opening and covered with milk

  • a sheet of kitchen paper must be placed on the opening of the jug and secured with a rubber band

  • they must be stored in a place at room temperature and not exposed to direct light for 24 hours

  • after which it is necessary to pour the granules into a colander

  • in case the product is not drunk immediately, it can also be kept in the refrigerator for the following day

  • the granules should not be rinsed, simply cover them again with the milk in a clean jug

After a few days the little family will increase in volume, in fact during my previous adoption I had started to periodically give a part of it to my friends #kefirsharing laughing



🎶 Oh, the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful,

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…🎶


How do you think coffee keeps hotter?

  1. With milk or cream based on the principle of thermodynamics according to which the greater the temperature difference, the greater the cooling rate.

  2. In a heated cup.



In addition to coffee, of course we are regular consumers of pasta, so why not celebrate it today too?

What’s your favorite pasta?
And how do you like to cook it?

In recent days there is a lot of talk about Senatore Cappelli wheat following the complaint of all the farmers’ associations against the SIS Società Italiana Sementi which was fined by the antitrust for the unjustified increase in the price and above all for the constraint of the supply chain.

Because? What’s special about it?

It is a stronger and more suitable wheat for the production of pasta selected over 100 years ago by Nazareno Strampelli, a famous geneticist agronomist, who dedicated the discovery to Senator Raffaele Cappelli, promoter of agrarian reform in the early 1900s.

It is a durum wheat that has fought hunger in times of war, and over time its purity has been protected by preventing contamination and keeping the supply chain controlled and certified.

But this time, rather than antitrust, I would like to talk about health: pasta produced with Senatore Cappelli wheat, thanks to its better properties and nutritional value, can bring benefits to those suffering from gastrointestinal problems.

The Report transmission broadcast an interview with Dr. Maria Cristina Mele of the Digestive System Disease Center Gemelli Catholic University of the Sacred Heart who stated how much follows:

We gave Senatore Cappelli pasta for four weeks, then we did another litmus test, that is, we made a cross. Those who initially ate Senatore Cappelli pasta, after two weeks of abstention, again followed a gluten-free diet, because we had to clean up any symptoms: we crossed the types of pasta.
Symptoms have greatly reduced.
When we say that it is a statistically significant result, it means that the reduction of symptoms in this case is not related to chance, that is, it is not a coincidence.
We were impressed because we didn’t honestly expect it. And all of them have had benefits.
All those who ate Senatore Cappelli pasta compared to patients who ate the other type of pasta, had a benefit during the Senatore Cappelli course.
We can say that this event took place, but it is clear, we need to confirm the data to enlarge the population.

So we decided to try to eat Senatore Cappelli pasta for a period after which we can tell if we felt any difference.

Maybe you can participate by recommending some delicious and possibly easy recipes since I’m not a great cook laughing what do you think?



The first of September has always symbolically represented the beginning. Of a new season, of the time to rethink school, of the moment in which the various activities that dot the routine are resumed. However, this is an unprecedented beginning, for many not a restart, because things are not destined to realign themselves to the “before”. What do you expect from this September?


And it seems that in response to those who contested the abuse he declared: “I drink 40 coffees a day to be well awake and think about how to keep tyrants and imbeciles at bay” then adding “yes, it is a remarkably slow poison. I have been drinking it every day for more than seventy years and, so far, I have never experienced its sad effects on my health …
Given the current trend … was he right?
Considering also the fact that his coffees were a kind of blend with chocolate … I miss a lot of them …







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