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Rey Enigma, King Enigma, describe himself as a professional chess player who dedicated much of his life to the ‘wonderful world of chess.’

I think it takes a brilliant mind to be a chess champion, but Rey Enigma’s stroke of genius was to conceal his identity.

In fact, the Mystery King is willing to play with anyone who wants to challenge him, but he only ever appears in public completely disguised.

This aspect, combined with his skill, contributes to making him a character, despite the fact that by his own admission, he requires enormous sacrifice and methodical and meticulous constant attention.

So we know Rey’s voice, and we know that chess is a mission for him: King Enigma created ChessEnigma a platform that offers the possibility to practise and hone one’s skill in the game of chess through practical courses.

Can you play chess?

To me, the magic game in Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone immediately comes to mind

Or the episode of Columbo, one of those with Dog, by the way

Although the quintessential cinematic chess game is the one with death in The Seventh Seal.

Do you want to go on with other quotes?

In the meantime, I’ll make coffee to drink with these biscuits 🙂


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