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Frosta sent me two kinds of pasta to try, this is the second test after the granola

We already talked about pasta in connection with Senatore Cappelli wheat, the pasta Frosta sent me is a frozen dish, ready in minutes.

Do you ever use ready-made dishes, maybe for lack of time?

Honestly, I am in the habit of cooking pasta in the traditional way, but products like this, which Frosta is going to put on the market, are quick and practical.

All you need is a pan and a handful of minutes: just empty the contents of the bag and add a tablespoon of water

Here it is

Do you ever consume ready-made meals or only strictly homemade food?

As you know, there are many sides to me, so I believe there are times for rolling pin and pasta machine, but also days of relentless struggle to keep up with everything during which it is OK to concentrate on other creations.

Do you enjoy cooking?

Do you like to invent your own versions, or are you strictly traditional?

Speaking of typical recipes, what is the dish that most identifies your area?

We are actually more in the land of rice here, but I think I can say that pasta is the most common dish.

I know, I’m talking about carbohydrates, a sore point, a bit of a cross and a bit of a delight.

I think to Emily in Devil Wears Prada with her iconic phrase ‘you eat carbs!’

And you?

Do you prefer short ‘carbs’ or spaghetti?

Can you tell me your recipe


E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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