Seems impossible, right?! Yet we have really arrived on Christmas Eve, which also brings us the last appointment with the Advent calendar

The grand finale is by the creator of this initiative, as well as the author of the blog Shioren’s world

Anna is also a writer and designer… in short, I still have to find something she can’t do!

On the web Anna’s nickname is Shioren Angel or Shio and on the blog she deals with memories, manga and anime, films, frivolous stuff, because reality is already so bitter at times that we need to create a little happy island where we can take a breath.

How to blame her?

I therefore recommend that you sail to her happy island to discover, in addition to all this, also the greatest fan of Michael Sheen, guaranteed!

Anna also has two novels plus a third work in progress by Anna Esse: Complicated Love and L’altra me. 

Reading the story she wrote for today I was moved as I really have a soft spot for the kind of “angels” she talks about.

The title is The most important thing.

How often do we forget it?

Before the incipit with the link I would like to thank for having been accepted to be part of these daily events that have improved my pre-Christmas period which this year had bad conditions.

I take this opportunity to say to all those who may feel tired, disappointed, and tried by the emotional pollution that sometimes can affect heavily:
It’s Christmas Eve and we are going to go celebrate being young and being alive.” Miles

You guessed what movie it is, right?

And now really The most important thing:

Snow was falling lightly from the sky directly on my face.
“Joseph!” I heard myself called and, immediately, the face of a little girl about my age appeared in my field of vision, with two long and soft golden pigtails and a lively smile.
I looked at her: «and who are you?», I asked her, confused go on here



Now a few hours separate us from Christmas and the Advent calendar today gives us a triple surprise by the NAE blog: NewArtisticEcology

The author of the blog: Sabine Stuart De Chevalier has in fact created three different proposals, but before revealing them I would like to underline the intrinsic Art in her project born as a group that she cared as a garden and resulted in the dream of a world of outsiders who celebrate creativity away from glitter.

A lot of esteem.

Among other things, Sabine’s first contribution sees coffee as a key element and I am forced to warn: to abstain if you love bitter coffee … I’m joking!

The title is Delivery to Murder:

Where are you going?
– Street.
– You just got here!
– Eh.
The pallor of the first light of dawn filtered, in polka dots, from the holes of the lowered shutter decorating the crumpled and piled up white cotton sheets
go on here

The second story is signed by Alessandro Gianesini entitled Christmas celebration:

It was already dark for a while, but organ sound came from the small church on the street corner, along with the voices of the choir, which was rehearsing Christmas songs.
Maurizio had finally decided his present for Rita: he eliminated almost all of the options, because none seemed to be the right one to impress her. The following day, after the celebration, he could find the perfect moment for his declaration… and he surely had no intention of showing up empty-handed…
go on here

While reading I found myself back in time thinking of when we could not wait to exchange greetings after the Christmas celebration, and of how this exchange lasted a long time since the group of friends was large and huge. Good times!

Also for the third surprise I have a warning, but this time serious: listen with headphones!

That’s right: after drawings, poems and stories, today we have a song!

Sabine’s voice is so beautiful that it creates a suggestive atmosphere. I would have closed my eyes when the emotions came as light and magical as snowflakes, but I didn’t want to miss the images. Beautiful video.

Silentàrt: click here.



Today the Advent calendar gives us the tiptoe story of the blog Where a poem can arrive

On tiptoe because she talks about classical dance, but on tiptoe also for how Laura, the author, introduces herself and presents her story.

Laura is enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering of the Polytechnic and for me she is automatically esteem, but at the same time she describes herself as a dreamer with a great desire to travel the world and with a whole series of characteristics that I particularly love.

Laura is 19 and has already written a lot
The name of the blog is Where a poem can arrive, and it is difficult to find an answer, but perhaps it is easier to say Where Laura can arrive and I wish it, because she really deserves .

And in the meantime she brings us to none other than Juilliard where her dance partner won a scholarship, and where she set her story Nutcracker in New York:

Snow fell heavily over New York City. It covered the roofs of the houses, the streets, the street lamps, the bare trees, everything was becoming white and the Christmas atmosphere was starting to be felt under the sky of the Big Apple. Ally was on her way to Juilliard, the dance school where she had been studying for three years now, with the bag on her right shoulder and the i-pod playing the notes of the candy fairy dance in her left handgo on here



The Advent calendar today brings us back to the art form that started the first day: the blog The court gives us a drawing!

Alessia, the author, deals with editing, graphics and social media.  She tells of herself that she hates SEO rules and I can only give her a five …

But in reality it is enough to visit the blog The court to find out how creative she is also as the author of books, short stories, poems and acrostics.

In particular, the title of her latest book is Havel: just drop by to find yourself in a fantasy world waiting to be discovered!

The court’s Christmas Carol XIV:

Colored in Photoshop, the drawing is done in pencil, inspired by a couple of photos found online. The sheet is a bamboo sheet I found from Tiger. They are very strange sheets (they are not white but yellowish) but that I am really loving you can find it here



I have already told you about the blog Centoquarantadue and how it is made up of two Souls: She, who wrote the story n. 3 of the Advent calendar, and He.

On this Sunday before Christmas Centoquarantadue does an encore and gives us the story by He.

I state that I already had my eyes to heart reading the presentation: I am He, who adores She. Writing together allows us to maintain a deep bond, despite the distance and other unspecified adversities.

Simply wonderful words.

And as if that weren’t enough, the story also moved me particularly because it awakened a memory linked to my Mom.

I don’t want to reveal anything but I advise you not to miss this Christmas Surprise:

There were just a few days before Christmas and, like every year, the delivery of the prize for kindness was held in the village: during the year, whoever wanted, could report one or more people who had distinguished themselves for acts of generosity, and at the end of the year , just before Christmas, the chosen ones were rewarded during an official ceremony attended by almost the whole country  go on here. 



Today for the Advent calendar it’s already party! And it’s a Christmas party very much original created by the blog Read me Write me. 

Sara, the author of the blog, ironically speaking of herself, writes I grew up with payphone telephone boxes… whoever is my age understands what I mean.
And how if I understand you Sara! And I take this memories moment to rethink with nostalgia the times when letters were sent  for real, handwritten, with stamps …

Sara then caught my attention by telling how she discovered her dyslexia on her own. 

Very often in fact it happened to me, comparing myself with someone who had more or less the same age as mine, to consider how once there was no kind of attention on the matter.

So many compliments to Sara for how she solved it, but above all for how she then faced and told her experience so much that she wrote a book

Among other things, it is impossible not to be impressed by the drawings on the cover and on the blog, and the great thing is that they are from her sister! As I had already written for Elena and Laura I love these forms of artistic sharing and sisterhood very much.

In Sara’s story, on the other hand, you will find another type of family relationship:

“Hi Margareth, I hope I don’t disturb you,” Mark said rhetorically as he closed the door of the small studio behind him. He took two steps forward with a little hesitation, due to the lack of lighting, but also and perhaps above all, for fear of what he had decided to do go on here


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