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Milan can be described in so many ways, and each of them may seem outdated in short time as it is constantly evolving. Always in turmoil, the undisputed capital of fashion manages to express a sense of vitality and renewal even to the less caring. Among the innovations introduced, the auction launched for a prestigious space in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, was undoubtedly successful. Giorgio Armani Retail brand won after 24 bids of fifty thousand euros each, with three-minute lapses. The auction was held at 670.440 euros and ended with an annuale fee of 1.9 million euros .Armani group will show and sell his creations in  these 302 precious square meters for the next 18 years. The Administration declared that this income will bring benefits for the city and for the citizens, so this first auction for the spaces of the Galleria was a brand new success, while we are used to the victories of King Giorgio Armani so I take the opportunity to express my highest respect.    


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