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Without falling into your fears … continues the text of Mogol / Battisti song, assuming that you have fears.

I suppose I can say that this 2020 is putting even the most diehard travelers in trouble, or am I wrong?

Regardless, I have been falling into the “mental travel” category since ever, what about you instead? What do you say?
Are you leaving? Did you have to change your plans?

In case you still have room to organize a departure, you could start have a look here Cafeloud: obviously starting from the coffee 🙂 practical and detailed advices for the most varied destinations, for shorter or longer stays, for accommodation and travel, in short, you click and eveything will be explained to you.

If instead you have to stay in the field of virtual travel, the offer is now so wide that you can travel around the world in 80 clicks, but my absolute favorites are the Luciana Manco ones. 

On the contrary, I am much less determined if I have to choose a destination from those of my memories.
I have not visited many places, but I am tied to each of them because they represent in different ways happy and therefore very precious moments, so much so as to make me neglect even some totally bad coffee.

Do you have a journey of the heart that you remember in particular?
What is the type of destination you prefer?

We have rediscovered serial “walkers” not in the technical sense of the term, but more in the sense intended by Italo Calvino:
Walking presupposes that at every step the world changes in some aspect and that something changes in us.

Then it goes without saying: there are time travels, those that are done through the pages of books, but that’s another story.


E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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