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The European Green Deal  sets out how to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, boosting the economy, improving people’s health and quality of life, caring for nature, and leaving no one behind.

“Climate neutrality” means zero emissions: that is, the equilibrium point thanks to which the emissions do not exceed the absorption capacity of the earth.

Various strategies fall within the scope of this project, such as Farm to fork  or Biodiversity 2030 all aimed at sustainability, and the protection of the environment and health.

For this reason, also in light of Bayer’s plea bargain  the motion of the senator Elena Cattaneo, in sharp contrast, not only screeches, but raises protests from many sides, primarily the scientific community

The shadow of the notorious Monsanto Papers emerges on the horizon.

Papers means official documents but in reality this expression refers to an investigation by Le Monde  on the ghostwriting used by the multinational to make experts apparently unrelated to Bayer / Monsanto attest statements actually produced by internal scientists, capable of discrediting those who report the toxicity of glyphosate, confirming the thesis according to which there is no evidence found that it is carcinogenic.

Recently, we often walk in the countryside between corn fields and rice fields and in particular one afternoon we happened to be right behind a field where the distribution of the herbicide was in progress.

Beyond attestations and counter-appraisals, the way in which the air breathed at that juncture leaves an unpleasant aftertaste characterized by a strong and disturbing smell and generates a sensation of persistent annoyance, may already be enough …


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