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Did you know that Lavazza was rewarded at the European Coffee Awards?

The Coffee Awards gather the best leaders in the industry each year and winners are chosen by a team after deep analysis.

The award to Lavazza was delivered in Barcelona, where the fourteenth edition took place.

The creator of the European Coffee Symposium (ECS) is Jeffrey Young: since 2008 he has been working to realise the dream of bringing together the most influential minds in the coffee and hospitality industries across Europe.

Jeffrey Young is the Managing Director of Allegra Strategies with 20 years of experience in global market analysis and focuses on coffee through the Allegra World Coffee Portal

Lavazza was awarded the title Best Coffee Roaster 2023.

Personally I am delighted, what do you think?

Lavazza Red Quality belongs to my earliest memories as a child.

Lavazza in 1970 created a new standard by introducing the vacuum-packed aluminium foil pack for the launch of Red Quality.

I don’t need to remind you that the aromatic note of Lavazza Red Quality is chocolate, do I?

A product on the market from more than half a century while remaining consistently intact and maintaining the right balance between quality and price that has allowed it to serve 20% of the coffees in Italy.

How about that?

Not to mention that Lavazza gave us Caballero and Carmencita, remember them?


Carmencita just wanted Paulista ‘the man in sight with the conquering moustache’ but she would never have imagined Lavazza Best European Coffee Roaster.


E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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