I received a particular gift: a family of lactic ferments that I am very happy to adopt: the Kefir.

The Treccani describes Kefir as a frothy, creamy and slightly alcoholic drink obtained by lactic-butyric fermentation of milk.

This exotic name comes from the Caucasus and is very popular especially in Russia. It consists of granules: the Kefiran, composed of bacterial polysaccharides that contain live microorganisms.

Kefir can be considered a probiotic that is, a microorganism that once ingested exercises beneficial functions for the body.
Here you can find the nutritional properties and the main benefits.

Have you ever tried to keep lactic ferments?
The procedure is simple:

  • the granules are placed in a glass jug with a wide opening and covered with milk

  • a sheet of kitchen paper must be placed on the opening of the jug and secured with a rubber band

  • they must be stored in a place at room temperature and not exposed to direct light for 24 hours

  • after which it is necessary to pour the granules into a colander

  • in case the product is not drunk immediately, it can also be kept in the refrigerator for the following day

  • the granules should not be rinsed, simply cover them again with the milk in a clean jug

After a few days the little family will increase in volume, in fact during my previous adoption I had started to periodically give a part of it to my friends #kefirsharing laughing


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