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Today the hint for coffee is not my doing.
I didn’t know Jerry Flint, I never stop learning in fact, and I’m very grateful to Renaldo Monios who wrote this sentence in the comments.
I liked it immediately as a starting point to stay on the right side of the climb, to remember that everything must be conquered, that even painful moments can produce “results” if only in terms of growth.
Personally, I admit that my standard tendency would be to avoid the idea of ​​competing, but it remains a fact that competition, if healthy, can turn into an important boost.
Although at times it may seem tiring, annoying or even demeaning, even if recognizing a defeat always has a bitter aftertaste, if we can see who is better than us a clear example of how we can always improve, we will have on our great power of errors: the greatest masters in many ways.
From my little corner, however, I immediately thought of something comical and the image of Jack Sparrow’s telescope immediately appeared to me.
Unlikely, lopsided, imperfect and improvised.
A bit like me.
But, apart from the flaws, I like the idea of ​​trying to look as far as possible, even with the inadequate tools we have available.
So thank you Renaldo for your quote, I will keep it in mind to build an extension that takes gaze beyond.

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