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I should mention the chocolates, but maybe even if I stay on the coffee we can still say “you never know what you’re gonna get” …

July 6 marks the anniversary of the debut in theaters of this movie which after 26 years and 24 awards including the prestigious oscars for best film, director and leading actor, apparently continues to collect discordant criticisms and opinions.

In fact, it has recently been included in the Variety list  among the movies to avoid because racist.

And to think that previously Forrest Gump had also been accused of being loaded with propaganda at a more or less subliminal level precisely for the various excursions of 30 years of American history that it contains.

“The quartered man”, in fact. Literally it derives from a media campaign put in place in 1973 to impress public opinion with gruesome news reports against Salvador Allende’s nationalization policy in Chile.

Obviously, no quartering is attributed to Forrest Gump, but the principle of wanting to give a piloted image remains.

One would say “and so?” … in fact, the story of the power of American presidents for example, or a certain rewriting of the war in Vietnam, are not particularly subliminal, aspects which, moreover, constitute the common denominator of many other films.

However, there is also a sort of sub-text on the character played by Robin Wright: Jenny, who has many similarities with the unfortunate actress Jean Seberg, among whom the attendance of the Black Panthers stands out above all.

A movie out of competition at the Venice Film Festival 2019 was presented precisely on the life of Jean Seberg.

The film, with Kristen Stewart was released in streaming and in Italy is entitled more precisely: “Seberg – In the viewfinder.”

This viewfinder would be that of the FBI within the COINTELPRO program, an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program.

The Ku Klux Klan was also included in this same program in 1964, which is why Forrest Gump was included in the famous list of movies not recommended.

So the circle closes?

Propaganda or racism, to viewers the arduous sentence.


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