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During the last months we have learned that: Every Friday, as the sun rises, Jane Fonda wakes up and knows that she will have to be arrested. Every Friday, as the sun rises, a policeman wakes up and knows that he will have to arrest Jane Fonda. Every Friday, as the sun rises, it does not matter whether you are Jane Fonda or a policeman, the important thing is that at 81 years old woman teaches us how not to stop expressing your opinion. Her first arrest, pictured on the mug, dates back to the 1970s when she fought against the war in Vietnam earning the nickname of Hanoi Jane. Also Jane Fonda has fought for other causes such as the war in Iraq, the occupation of Palestine and the Women March. And she did it with his own personal style: choosing a different colored coat every time. Indeed, anyone now associates her red coat with recent arrests for her support for the campaign that requires the Trump administration to sign the Green New Deal. But how many other equally courageous women demonstrate for what they believe without anyone noticing them? To know the story of Nicoletta Dosio, in fact, we had to find out that she was sent to prison at 73. She has red hair, and has been fighting for 30 years, but no one has ever cared for her: she was only one of the activists in the Val di Susa until she refused alternative measures to prison. Nicoletta Dosio will have to be in jail for a year due to a protest that dates back to 2012 against High Speed ​​Railway construction and against the Monti government. Nicoletta Dosio is guilty of having raised the bar of the highway exit allowing motorists to pass without toll, because the police the day before had beaten and picked up the people by force after attacking them with a rain of tear gas in the woods around Bussoleno. Nicoletta Dosio is “escaped” from house arrest and refused extenuating circumstances because in order to obtain them she would have had to recognize the neglect of her conduct. Nicoletta Dosio has applied the motto “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs” and has dedicated her life to teaching Greek and Latin but also to the No Tav cause for her territory, for her community, with her community. Nicoletta Dosio teaches us “the awareness that the present one is not the only one of the possible worlds.”  


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