I must admit that I was very intrigued by this idea: the sister of the mythical investigator Sherlock Holmes which of course I love.

I have already talked about Agatha Christie and how she made me fall in love with detective stories through her books, after which I obviously passed on to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well.

The character of Enola, however, was created by Nancy Springer after the rights expired, and on her books the production of Netflix was based which I would say is aimed in particular at the younger audience.

The main character is in fact played by Millie Bobby Brown, born in 2004: perhaps the most famous teenager ever after the success of her role in the Stranger Things series.

Unfortunately, I did not know her, and when in the credits I saw that she is also the executive producer, I realized that it was appropriate to deepen.

Some even call it the new Meryl Streep … who highlights her resemblance to Winona Ryder, who considers her as the most influential character of her generation after she became the youngest UNICEF ambassador in 2018.

But let’s get back to the movie

Also this time, as for Murder on the Nile I focus on choice of background song, albeit with less enthusiasm: unfortunately I have a problem with Courtney Love, although The Hole’s Celebrity skin track has been a huge success. What do you think about it?

I suppose this choice falls within the context of the message of female empowerment that characterizes the whole film.

Theoretically an important and necessary move, which however loses the potential of communicative innovation, ending up limiting itself to clichés that are not exactly avant-garde. Too bad indeed.

As you saw in the trailer, Enola also addresses the camera directly, breaking through the famous fourth wall. I find that Millie Bobby Brown can be very empathetic, nevertheless it feels like a sort of interruption of the pathos to me, but it’s probably me who am ancient laughing

On the other hand, I really liked puns like the one that reveals the anagram of the name, and I found the added value of Helena Bonham Carter but also of Henry Cavill important.

In this regard, I would take the opportunity to launch another poll: after your favorite Poirot, who is the best Sherlock Holmes in your opinion?

Henry Cavill, Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr.?

In this case I’m too biased … laughing


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