It was 2018 when little Amine’s face aroused general indignation.

The news reported that the anguish of her expression, which has impressed me personally, was generated when she was told that if she died a martyr she would have the honors of the flag.

Now, net of all the geopolitics, reasons and counter-maneuvers, the fact remains that this photo was a bit of a sort of prelude to many subsequent things.

The latest in chronological order is the signature on the presidential decree which sanctions the exit of the Convention which bears the name of the Turkish capital.

A paradox.

The Council of Europe adopted the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence on 11 May 2011.

The Istanbul Convention is widely recognized as the most ambitious legal instrument aimed at preventing and combating violence against women, domestic violence and gender-based violence, such as human rights violations.

It entered into force in 2014 – just three years after its adoption, reflecting the need for member states to have a legally binding treaty to guide them in their efforts to end the violence.

UNWOMEN of which I have already spoken about Emma Watson, strongly called for the withdrawal to be reconsidered with this statement

Zehra Zumrut Selçuk, head of the ministry of family, labor and social services in Turkey, reassured by replying that women’s rights are guaranteed in national legislation, in particular in the Turkish Constitution, and in a tweet communicated the intention to continue with zero tolerance because violence against women is a crime against humanity.

What I don’t understand is: why then disavow a treaty that goes in the exact same direction?

Or rather, I understand it, in the context of internal strategies that are based on political maneuvers. Like everything else, after all.

But in the end: for Turkey, Europe yes or Europe no? This is the dilemma …



How do you deal with coffee substitutes?
Barley coffee, decaffeinated coffee: are alternatives valid for those who for various reasons must give up real coffee, or if not coffee, better to leave it alone and drink something else?
I found myself thinking about surrogates while listening to the news.
Does the truth still exist? More and more often, I have the impression of having to drink a long series of substitutes, or worse still, it seems to me that I have to swallow the notorious Parmesan, as if it were taken for granted that so much is fine even if it is not the real one, because after all what costs less is convenient.
So hearing that a soldier gets confused and shoots down an airliner taking off for an American fighter, for me it’s a bite of Parmesan, but everyone eats it, that’s okay, let’s continue our things, it doesn’t matter if anyway look at it, it’s paradoxical.
Without wanting to do pub geopolitics, it doesn’t worry you to think that it is considered plausible that a soldier, alone, in the era in which we even control the washing machine with a simple application on the cell phone, could launch a missile without authorization, without checks, without certainties, and without any sense?
Wouldn’t you call him Lee Harvey Oswald?
Or, maybe it’s me who, repeatedly disappointed, see the truth more and more like a Siberian Tiger: magnificent, but now almost extinct.

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