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Tell me if you, like me, as soon as you hear the word “annunciation” you can’t help but think of Lello Arena and his “annunciazione annunciazione” in the very famous sketch by the trio La Smorfia with the unforgettable Massimo Troisi.



With a hint of the same intrusiveness I would like to report that I have finally managed to share on the Reader as well!

I managed thanks to Jetpack

What is Jetpack was first asked by Eleonora  on her blog Le1000e1Recensione.

Now I can say that Jetpack for me was an entry.

Many things remain to be solved, related for example to the theme I use to publish which is partly alien, but this plugin, or rather, this toolkit i.e. this “IT toolbox” has opened the Reader door to Keep Calm & Drink Coffee articles.

The WordPress Reader is a feed aggregator and brings all blogs together, but until now KCDC was not … aggregatable.

Unfortunately for you though, I was now able to get in! 🙂

Have you ever been barred from access anywhere?

Did you give up or were you able to find a way?

The magical door to Howl’s Wandering Castle comes to mind.


But I also hope I don’t end up like the mythical scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where Willie discovers she’s in a cave full of bugs and starts yelling “let me in!” While, however, Shorty and Indy inside are about to get squished and yell “let us out!”

What about you?


E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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