Heron’s Formula on Mari’s Manual literary portal.

I have in my heart three feelings with which one can never be bored: sadness, love and gratitude.
Alexandre Dumas

I sincerely thank Mari’s Manual for welcoming me on their literary portal.

Now Heron’s Formula is also here, as well as part of the Book Fair Gallery.


I can only say that I am extremely honored and I steal the words from the song: I think I feel CONFUSED AND HAPPY 🎶

In case you are not yet familiar with Mari’s Manual, you find the essence in the slogan: Poetry and Literature in the Seas of the Web.

I find the seas of the web to be a beautiful definition: aren’t we all virtual sailors?

Indeed, I would say better virtual sailors and dreamers.

Traveling the length and breadth of the world I have met magnificent dreamers, men and women who stubbornly believe in dreams. They keep them, cultivate them, share them, multiply them. I humbly, in my own way, did the same.
Luis Sepúlveda

So Heron’s Formula on Mari’s Handbook literary portal for me is first and foremost a dream, but I hope it can also be a journey that will lead me to the possibility of learning, discovering and sharing.



This time it is Massimo’s birthday, but I still receive the gift.

After encouraging me for the blog, Massimo made sure that I kept writing.

When I talked to him a little about what was born one word after another, and I tried to explain to him this formula of Erone, his first reaction was “but were you okay?” laughing

No, I wasn’t actually well.

For this reason I should indicate as a warning: refrain if you do not need to practice the analysis of a twisted mind.

That said, I thank Massimo now and always, and I thank everyone ALL.


On this occasion I also want to apologize for the newsletter mess: at the beginning something did not work so unfortunately the system did not register the first subscriptions.
Luciana pointed this out to me, if other people have wondered what happened to me… here, I APOLOGIZE, and above all I am very sorry not to have the possibility to recover, having no trace of the registration.
Now there is a second system, but the first, perhaps out of envy, has resumed working in a latent way, so subsequently someone will have received a double welcome.
Okay, two is better than one … basically it expresses the fact that I’m really happy laughing

Did I already say THANK YOU ?!


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