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Many thanks Gabriella for the comment with the quote by Blaga Dimitrova:
“I’m not afraid they’ll stamp me flat. Grass stamped flat soon becomes a path”.

I didn’t know her but she immediately hit me a lot.
The idea of succumbing to become a path.
A new path in particular.

Yes, because in fact the already traveled roads seem to lead to worsening and impoverishment, I don’t know about you but I feel a little lost. Despite the proverb that our grandparents told us a bit as a negative warning:
Those who leave the old road for the new know what they leave behind and do not know what they find.

However, they had made progress on the road, and had the wisdom of their experience.

Instead we are regressing, we allow ourselves to be trampled without resistance just like grass, but we do not know how to form a path that leads us to better conditions, to an evolution in the human sense, to a well-being not enslaved by now global economic imperatives.

The Cheshire Cat concept also applies:
One day Alice came to a crossroads on the road and saw the Cheshire Cat on the tree.

“What path should I take?” churches.
The answer was a question:
“Where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know,” Alice replied.
“So,” said the Cheshire Cat, “it doesn’t matter.”

We don’t know where we want to go. Or rather: more than not knowing it, we don’t want it all the way. Am I wrong?

Aren’t we, in your opinion, almost on the point of no return, unable to accept that things will have to change, and will have to change a lot, and that the concept we had of the future has dissolved like a soap bubble?

Have you ever lost yourself? Wasn’t it an occasion where you walked a lot more?

The goal has not disappeared, it is more difficult to reach.

And perhaps we must first find ourselves in the shoes we have available, very tight, too uncomfortable and of short duration.


E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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