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As a real mess I always do things backwards, of course, but this time it doesn’t matter!

Loredana Marconi studied the architecture of her work so that starting from the “sequel”, as I did, does not in any way affect the immersion of the story while reading.

Nuvole is in fact one of the evolutionary scenarios of the Il soffio collection.

I found the author’s idea of associating five different types of wind with as many options that represent life’s “routes”, but also moods, and attitudes to face the journey that destiny reserves.

Loredana’s inspiration, whom I thank very much for her availability, was born thanks to this tile depicting the wind rose, found on a Maghreb stall on the Anguillara lakefront.

Speaking of the lakefront, a huge thank you also for the photo with the cup of coffee!

For those who follow Loredana it is automatic to become interested to the shots that she publishes because they tell moments of serenity and beauty of our country.

The Clouds, on the other hand, led me to fantasize about a dream island while at the same time making me feel a little like home, thanks to the features of the characters that contain the familiar aspects of a small community, always maintaining the top important basis of friendship, the true one.

And you? Where would you like to go with the wind?


E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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