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In the most common sense regression means involution, decline.
Regression is the way situation is changing about employment, for instance.
We have destroyed workers’ rights and completely misrepresented the general sense, like if it would be a sort of race to the bottom, an increasingly rampant exploitation in the name of costs cut that only leads to further impoverishment.
Often we forget that the loss of dignity of the individual can only turn into the loss of dignity of everyone.
One of the many facets of the decay we are experiencing is mobbing, a sadly consolidated reality to the point of inducing some subjects to believe, for example, that it can be a tool for temper formation.
Treating in a deplorable way a kid, who is just trying to learn and do his best to complete the school internship, means being unworthy.
As well as it means as a minimum deserving that people, all people, as first thing decide to spend their money elsewhere.
The tools we have available will also be ineffective if taken individually, but we should always remember that the worst defeat is the self-inflicted every time we tell: “that’s how the world goes.”





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