New day, new ink for Advent calendar  creations, today special “ink:” it’s Inchiostronoir

Yannick, author of the Inchiostronoir blog, has a particular fondness for the Detective stories in general, so you will immediately understand that this is a great common point!

In fact, reading his latest review, I discovered a book that I would call a real gem and that immediately got me hit.

I also found his collaboration for the interactive book Persephone X very interesting  which starting from the title opens up a universe of thoughts, and what if I tell you that it also contains the spirit of action of the glorious 80’s

The novel by Yannich Roch instead is titled The master of the dead  and obviously it is a Detective stort “old fashioned, in the dark heart of Paris” … nothing to add: I would say perfect!

Inchiostronoir’s Christmas story is titled The farrier and the wayfarer:

The wind blew through the snowy hills and forests, bringing with it a few snowflakes to sprinkle on the wooden houses and the woolen cloaks of the pilgrims go on here


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