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The iconic Kurt Cobain cardigan, worn during the event that became history of music such as MTV unplugged, went to auction twice.
Every time we read every sort of things: newspapers specifying that the cardigan is punctured for a cigarette burn, that it is stained, that it has never been washed, that a button is missing … I wonder how could anyone consider the idea to wear it …
That cardigan stopped being a simple garment, just as Kurt Cobain chose it, probably at a flea market, and became an iconic reference to the Grunge itself.
It wasn’t a stage costume, it wasn’t meant for a particular look, it’s simply a cardigan that Kurt Cobain used rather routinely.
Perhaps it is useless to wonder about the choice of color, we certainly know that Kurt Cobain preferred large garments that hid his thinness, even if nothing could ever hide his greatness as an Artist.

Without making comparisons that could be neither in heaven nor on earth, is there a cloth that somehow represents you?


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