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Don’t know how about you, me for the first coffee I definitely have to give myself a tone, so it will be better to put on glasses.
The first coffee must be strong, a good charge is needed, and it must absolutely be cheerful because smiling, or better yet laughing, is always a great antidote.
Whether you arrive at this first coffee, jaded after the party or directly in your pajamas; whether you arrive at this first coffee enthusiastic about life or with the weight of sadness on the heart; this coffee must be rock.
The first coffee must make you recover energy.
The first coffee must reduce toxin, did you know that caffeine stimulates the release of catecholamines which induce a 10-15% increase in basal metabolic rate? You will tell me: who cares.
It must be the coffee of who cares.
It can also be today’s coffee I want to stay off: maybe we can postpone this start, can’t we?!
Provided it remains a special coffee.
The first coffee.
The coffee of trust, and even if you are at the point of cursing the next time you feel that “it cannot rain forever”, I remind you that it is exactly like that, and given that the example of that Cinderella’s has already been mentioned , I tell you: what about Sarah Connor?
In the end, hell if he crushes it under the press that damned cyborg!
Keep in mind that under the press there can be various types of things, so don’t feel pressured yourself, rather think of “pressing the problem”.
It may seem like a threat, but it is for a good purpose.
Without presumption, I would prescribe you the coffee of not waiting for tomorrow to be another day, start today, because you have every right to be happy and to be well, always.
Always keeping as plan B the classic “go ahead you because I’m going to laugh”. Wearing big glasses it makes sense.


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