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We can tell that progress has brought us new windmills against which, however, we cannot even be Don Quixote: by now the maximum we can aspire to is the role of Ronzinante.
To subscribe to it, all you need is a “yes” on the phone, easy. Complications arise only when any type of problem occurs, or even more fatally, when existing conditions are changed. Even the most resolute who insist on calling, they can just win a series of different answers.
We are in the era of communication and yet every possibility of contact has been cut, leaving only two inexorably frustrating options:
– the call center, with which in any case it is necessary to go through at least three series of menus to speak with a person;
– the site, with which, however, there is no way to get out of predefined and absolutely non-resolving questions.
In the last period, for various reasons, I have dealt with four different large companies and the only conclusion I managed to reach was a level pro nervousness.
How many cases of abuse are there? Unfortunately, they multiply every day and we have not yet understood that the union would make strength, already, the conditional is a must.
If you have had an experience that can somehow help someone else not to run into the same quagmire, feel free to tell it: one cup on top of the other, maybe we can start a few steps higher.


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