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During Christmas time we use to tell “all you need is love and Christmas cookies” but you can’t miss a nice coffee! The universally known Christmas cookies are perhaps the classic gingerbread, a sort of art expression through shapes and decorations: beautiful to see, as well as tasty. I was looking for coffee biscuits, of course, and I found various versions of just bean-shaped sweets, but in the end my choice fell on coffee sablé filled with chocolate cream, guess why … Maybe you know and you have already prepared them. What are you cooking for Christmas? Each place has its own particular tradition, a recipe different from all the others, the one that reminds us of our roots, Christmas at home. What are yours§ I would definitely start a survey, not so much the classic Italian pandoro vs. panettone: let’s keep both! Rather: what do you prefer between a generous dose of mascarpone with panettone and a filling of the pandoro with melted chocolate glaze and various types of creams? So at this point, I could also ask for the sub-survey “creams how?” Last Christmas I received a pistachio cream as a gift which was a real show and which has worthily taken the place of the standard custard, for example. As well with regard to the custard, we can speak of subcategories: lemon, vanilla or? While you choose I make coffee.  


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