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Even in the game Monopoly there are precise rules to be respected in order to acquire possession of the boxes, so I really don’t understand how it is possible, nowadays, that a nation decrees the extension of borders and that’s it.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but in March 2018 Algeria did exactly this: with a decree it established that its EEZ zone extends up to 12 miles from the coast of Sardinia.
The EEZ literally is an exclusive economic zone, established in 1982 by the United Nations Convention. It represents an area adjacent to territorial waters, over which it is possible to exercise sovereign rights for the management of natural resources, and over which the titular state has jurisdiction in scientific research, protection and conservation of the marine environment, and installation of structures.
The EEZ becomes effective following its formal proclamation by the coastal state.
This phrase sounds particularly out of tune to me, but that’s what Algeria actually did.
Without any agreement or assent? It would seem, even if I hope so much that you deny me saying that I dropped a clanger … who knows if it was in the territorial waters … because otherwise it is absurd.
The questions at this point would be many and enlarge like the borders of Algeria and beyond, but in order not to open a flood of speeches I would remain on one point, which then is sadly recurrent on many fronts: where were we? Maybe lost in a glass of water … salty water.


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