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To intertwine two different strands: Monica’s books and ideas for gifts, I propose The Children’s Train that I received as a gift from Monica last Christmas, because this book took my heart, giving me a thousand food for thought.

Viola Ardone opens a door on the Neapolitan homes, but once you cross the threshold you are inside the world of a child, who absorbs, who learns, who knows people and things within the limits he can reach, and who at the same goes further, bringing the reader with him.

The flow of thoughts that are unleashed is inexhaustible.
Childhood is a topic that is particularly dear to me for many reasons, not least the fact that children teach us, but too often we forget it.

The dilemma is inexorable.
Personally I was not aware of the existence of these trains, or rather of these transfers in the specific narrated context, even if the children of Chernobyl who after the disaster were hosted by many families even in my country of origin immediately came to mind.

Inevitable the wave of cascading considerations, from the general sphere to the depth of the personal level, on the subject of incommunicability and barriers.

The admiration for strength is essential. Intrinsic, light yet disruptive.

The ensuing analysis and the face to face with the reactions and personal emotions about death are relentless.

I cried.

I was also catapulted on that train but not only that, in short, I don’t know if it’s clear: I liked this book and I recommend it.


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