Denise Ho, or HOCC as her fans prefer, was arrested on December 29 in Hong Kong

I already told you about Hong Kong and the Umbrellas Revolution

Unfortunately the situation is only getting worse, Denise announced with a tweet that she was released, a bit like what happened for Agnes Chow, but the arrest also involved the staff of Stand News, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy website accused of “seditious publication.”

Any act of rebellion, hostility, excitement to subvert institutions that is concretely capable of producing an event that is dangerous to public order is considered seditious.

Hong Kong, a former British colony, returned to Chinese rule in 1997 with the promise that its freedoms, including freedom of the press, would be protected.

Amnesty International asked for the immediate release of all intelligence workers arrested only for having carried out their legitimate work journalistic.

In June, the director of the Apple Daily newspaper: Jimmy Lai announced the closure, again following a series of arrests.

In this tweet there is a letter written in his hand after the sentencing for the commemoration of Tiananmen.

“Systemic erasing of history.”

So Denise Ho’s speech and voices like hers are extremely important

Denise was born in Hong Kong but raised in Montreal Quebec. However, she decided to return to launch her career in Cantopop.

Did you know Cantopop?

Not me, and I found an interesting explanation for it here

Among other things, I also discovered Caffeine Tears by Dear Jane! Now I absolutely have to understand the origin of the name of this band which is called Chinese acoustic rock.

Becoming the song is instead the docufilm that describes Denise’s journey from pop star to human rights activist.

Definitely to follow, don’t you agree?



Textual report: Youtube has stopped the Byoblu channel broadcasting. The justification? The filming of a demonstration in the square 7 months ago. For citizens, no news right! Over half a million members built in 14 years of sacrifices gone up in smoke. Two thousand interviews with Constitutional Court judges, politicians, economists, magistrates, lawyers, journalists, intellectuals, two hundred million video views, all your comments, all your shares … all gone up in smoke!

I have already expressed my disappointment and my thoughts about such acts on the occasion of the closure of the Radio Radio channel and today exactly the same words are valid.

Honestly, as far as I’m concerned, these positions only generate the opposite effect: what could be so subversive?

What, we weak minds who do not know how to distinguish the messages that are addressed to us, we absolutely cannot listen?

We will still have a chance to find out, and at this point, it will be worth thinking much more carefully.

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