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La gioia avvenire – The joy to come is a book in the Monica series 🙂

The title is a tribute to Franco Fortini‘s poem. 

Joy indeed has many facets.

How would you describe it?

When you think of joy do you think of something to come?

I am afraid I tend toward the past rather than the future.

But the book written by Stella Poli is not about joy.

The sentence that struck me most is this

giving pain recognition.

I believe that these few words bring a universe of meanings as well as the first step for being able to think about future.

After all, Stella Poli, University researcher in Pavia, has an extreme control on words.

I could perhaps say that the connection with coffee is also painful:
One of the first stories I wrote risked my life. A high school classmate of mine had killed himself, lying on the tracks, at night, in the suburbs: I was living in Milan, alone, in an attic in Wagner that I couldn’t afford but kept, watering plants, reading books that weren’t mine. I had set up a coffee and started writing almost as an exorcism, to try not to think about it all the time. I wrote three pages without taking a breath, nothing takes me out of time like writing. When I went back to the kitchen, everything was cloudy with gas, the coffee overflowed, the coffee pot exploded. I opene d the windows, thinking about asking someone help.

Is it a sign? Perhaps it is.

About the book La gioia avvenireThe joy to come published by Mondadori so far I haven’t told you much, I’ll maybe let her tell you about it directly

And I don’t even want to tell you much about the pain.

As in the final sentence of the poem:

March hedges like shining truths.

Has this March that has just ended brought you any form of joy

That is what I hope you will tell me.

E scondo te? And in your opinion?x

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