Keep calm we have heart is the title of a solo exhibition at the municipality of San Severo by the artist Gianni Pitta

San Severo is a place that has impressed me reading Giovanni Rinaldi‘s books, in which certainly the heart is not lacking.

In this case, however, it is about the heart understood in an artistic sense, I quote verbatim: Keep calm we have heart, wants to re-propose the central theme of the heart as a symbol, but also as a language, as a thought whose purpose is mainly to be of hope, of love and not only an amplifier of torment, a consequence of this human malaise.

We undoubtedly need a lot of heart and hope, particularly in this period.

And I found myself thinking about the times when I happened to draw a heart: my hearts were always imperfect, asymmetrical, sometimes just unbalanced.

Yet perhaps they were truer, like this: crooked and squashed.

And if we also try to write heart in a different way, we get for example heArt which is a social platform dedicated to art, born in 2021 with the intention of giving visibility and sharing to artists. .

Did you already know it?

Remaining in the artistic field, HOW MANY times could we quote heart?

What is the first heart that comes to your mind?



Giada is the author of the Multidimensional Art blog to kick off the Advent calendar created by Il mondo di Shioren

Giada or Ylenia, won me over immediately: she is self-taught and a shy soul with a special sensitivity.

Soul she describes here.
The magic came to me loud and clear as soon as I saw her digital painting The Gold Queen.

Among the projects of Multidimensional Art: The illusion of Alice, based on Alice in Wonderland, and The reality beyond the mirror, manga that will be published shortly.

Latest creative collaboration in chronological order: the book La casa di cera by Paola Pioletti.

To open the Advent calendar on this December 8th which also brought snow here, Multidimensional Art dedicates this drawing, don’t miss it!

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