My soul is wherever you are is a striking phrase.

These words, uttered by a character in the story told, give the title to the book written by Aldo Cazzullo published by Mondadori.

More precisely, the full title is: My soul is wherever you are. A crime, a treasure, a war, a love.

A crime … as you know very well by now, I love reading books about crimes and once again I thank Monica for this read.

But if at the beginning the chapters chase each other along two parallel lines: time and investigation, soon the murder itself loses relevance compared to the story which, from a blurred background position, page after page becomes the protagonist.

A crime, a treasure, a war, a love.

War, as we know, is total destruction, and even in this case it annihilates humanity by provoking behaviour that nothing and no one will ever be able to erase.

So can my soul is wherever you are become a damnation?

While waiting for you to tell me your interpretation, I want to add that although the setting is Piedmont, I found myself reading a story that is the same story I heard as a child and that has always stuck with me: greed has the power to bring together people with completely different ideals.

Here then is the purpose of the treasure

Can you tell me of a treasure that has enriched you in a positive sense instead?



Here comes Knives Out again!



About the first Dinner with Murder I have been VERY enigmatic, so now, I should exceed 🙂

Just kidding! Of course I won’t, although really the “mystery” is hardly the interesting part of the Glass Onion movie. 

I found the whole chain of quotes and cameos ringed together as a long sequence of amusing gems.

Even Spot appears.

The cameo I loved the most?
“Angie” … for you to find out who she is.

Among the official cast my favorite is Kate Hudson, who reunites with the same friend from How to loose a guy in ten days, the movie I told you about in You’re so vain

About friendships: a friend of director Rian Johnson is the … time gong aka Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The most iconic unofficial quote in my opinion is the White Russian: although Dude is unique and inimitable.

Speaking of drinks: beware of drinks!
Incidentally, Glass Onion is the name of a Cafe.

As for coffee in a scene there is the I love New York mug in the picture, but it is definitely Jared Leto’s Kombucha tea that takes the cake.

Miles Bron, the character played by Edward Norton, is a parody of the … so-called new owner of Twitter … 

Dave Bautista is in sharp regression from his Drax in The Guardians of the Galaxy.

And I honestly shuddered at the idea that anyone would even think of comparing the detective played by Daniel Craig to Hercule Poirot

All wrong then?

Yes. But that is precisely the power of the movie.

It is a dangerous thing to exchange talking without thinking with telling the truth.
Benoit Blanc

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