“There are new evaluation topics, in our opinion very important …”

Alberto Stasi’s lawyer recently explained in an interview the request to review the process which frankly comes unexpected.

In 2017, the Court of Cassation declared the extraordinary appeal filed by the Stasi defense inadmissible, after rejecting the appeal in 2015 and after the 16-year sentence of the Assize Court of Appeal in 2014.

Everyone, even those who follow the news cases less assiduously, were affected by this crime that ripped apart the holiday atmosphere in August 2017.

A quiet village, a simple girl, a banal bicycle, and the house: the place where everyone feel safer, suddenly filled with horror. An inexplicable horror that conveyed concern, indignation and a long series of questions.

I found answers and precise explanations in the book by Gian Luigi Tizzoni, which tells in a simple way the succession of events that represent ten years of life for him.

So much so that I personally had the feeling of reading pages of a diary, rather than cold legal exposures.

The book begins on August 18, 2007: not the date of the murder, but the day of Chiara’s funeral, when the lawyer Tizzoni still had not received the task of protecting the Poggi family. And it is divided into six chapters, as many as the degrees of judgment.

“I think they killed a person, but maybe she is alive, that’s how Stasi described the death of the girl he was in love with.”

These are words of Gian Luigi Tizzoni, as could be your words or mine. It is not the story of a lawyer, it is the story of a man, “of a long journey, of a real odyssey.”

I recommend it: for example, despite having always followed the story, I finally got to understand the issue of the pedal and to rearrange exactly all the various pieces of the puzzle, or rather, to use the words of the author again:

“Each clue integrated perfectly with the others, like mosaic tiles, creating an overall picture …”

in case, then, if you want, you can tell me what is the picture you see.



A cappuccino please.”
What she said.”

laughing off course I start from coffee, and off course you have already guessed where this conversation takes place and between whom.
We could almost call it a “keep calm” situation even if the calm does not last long …

About Luchino Caffe I love the checkered floor, but being able to find myself at that red table instead of coffee or cappuccino I would like a polyjuice!

“Has anyone seen a toad?”
Hermione won us over immediately: her hair, her way of moving her head to underline even more her wit, her “knowing everything” fully deserved.

Surely Emma Watson has been good at interpretation, as much as in not remaining tied to the character, accompanying her personal and professional growth with a completely unique path.

An emblematic coffee is the one completely different in Bling Ring. An opposite characterization, in which a certain inclination for the world of fashion emerges, which is the reason why I’m talking about her.

First, however, I would like to underline how hers is a completely personal style, which goes through very specific choices and relevant initiatives, among which the speech to the UN as women’s ambassador in favor of the HeForShe campaign for UNwomen in defense of the gender equality.

Yet she always remains simply magical, and becomes a book fairy by leaving copies of the book “Mom & Me & Mom” in the London Underground for booksharing Books On the Underground.

Or organizing a reading group, a sort of book club with which it promotes female sharing.

And even though she entered the Guinness Book of Records at only 19 years of age to be the actress of the decade that achieved the highest takings, she maintains a precise line also in terms of fashion: passionate about looks and trends, but only strictly eco-friendly.

You can follow her here.

So fashion, but ethical fashion, far from the sacked wardrobes in Sofia Coppola’s film!

A very precise “platform”, a concrete “platform”, a unique journey whose last stop is


Emma Watson has joined the board of directors.

“You really are the brightest witch of your age!”



If I say Radio Free Europe what do you think about?

Personally I immediately “hear” Michael Stipe’s voice on the notes of the song taken from what is their turning point with Murmur, recently worth sixth place in the ranking of the 100 biggest debut singles of all time, despite the fans’ diatribe to determine whether the original version is better in respect of the one remixed two years later will probably never end, but that’s another story.

This is the third time I quote R.E.M. after What time is the end of the world?  and Shiny happy people,  apart from fact that I’m keen on them, why?

Because Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) established at the beginning of the Cold War to transmit uncensored news and information to audiences behind the Iron Curtain, played a significant role in the collapse of communism and the rise of democracies in post-communist Europe.
Today, RFE/RL is one of the most comprehensive media organizations in the world, producing radio, Internet and television programs in countries where a free press is either banned by the government or nut fully established.
It was founded in 1950 with the aim of offering at least an alternative, a possibility to evaluate a different vision.
Yet 70 years later we seem to have forgotten the importance of plurality of expression since episodes of censorship are increasingly occurring.

The latest has been against a radio: or rather the Radio Radio YouTube channel, which was closed with a decidedly strange dynamic, as explained in detail by the author Fabio Duranti.

Why do we consider people unable to face alternative thoughts? Why the censorship instead of arguing and possibly refuting with well-founded explanations?

The famous phrase I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it wrongly attributed to Voltaire and actually written by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, remains essential in its concept in my opinion.




What is red? A color? No, I would say much more, red is a mood, red is energy, red stimulates creativity.
But the most suitable person to explain red to us is Emanuela!
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude: the cup of coffee in the picture is hers, and she gave me the inspiration for a sort of itinerant “journey” from mug to mug.
Thanks to Emanuela this trip starts from Sicily: among the many quotes that praise it, I chose this one by Goethe
“Italy without Sicily leaves no image in the spirit. It is in Sicily that is the key to everything … The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the exchange of soft colors, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea to the land… who saw them once, shall possess them for a lifetime.”

Emanuela, would you tell more about your red and your Sicily?

Red is a color that never goes unnoticed, and that immediately strikes, often makes you fall in love too! 😍 It happens to me when I see, for example, the handicraft objects typical of my land, Sicily, or those souvenirs like bijoux, carts, magnets, etc. where fantasy has no limit! Red is an omnipresent color, and it’s also the color of the lava, that often flows out of the Etna volcano, which is clearly visible from where I live, in the Catania’s area. Red is a bright, cheerful color, with a nice temper, I would say. Until a few years ago, I associated it almost exclusively with Christmas, but in short time I learned to appreciate it as a color to wear and use all year round because it is a strong and fun color, even … it makes me happy and never bores me. That’s why I wanted to create a page dedicated to this color: taking inspiration from the many red objects I own and that I will continue to buy as I happen to go around shops or stalls. Like this cute cockerel with Etna (purchased in an Etna village) that struck me immediately, because it was small and red (color of lava), I must say that it was it who made me flash the idea of ​​opening a page on red, not surprisingly, I put it as first object that inaugurates the page! I strongly believe that red is one of the typical colors of my land, in addition to blue (the color of the sea), and someone else, of course, however I associate red more with the color of the mainland, and the land that burns with fantasy, when it comes to create things typically made in Sicily! And what about the red + black: pair of my favorite drink, coffee? 🌋☕ For me it’s a double explosion of joy! 🎉🎊!

Surely Emanuela’s joy is perceived in all its explosion and I thank her because this is just one of the many special coffees she dedicated to me!
ROSSO A PIÙ NON POSSO is her page: color, warmth, energy, fantasy and red of course!

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