Danse macabre is Duran Duran‘s new work due out Oct. 27 just in time for Halloween

Actually, the idea for Danse macabre came from the Halloween-themed performance at the Encore Theatre at the Wynn in Las Vegas on Oct. 30 and 31 a year ago. 

Yes, I know, I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing either, and yet it’s all true.

Let’s say that from that start to the final album the dance more than macabre was intense and produced three unreleased, three new versions from their discography and six covers.

Covers are always a big risk, that’s a fact, however I regardless appreciate the tribute to pieces of music history.

Paint it black is a song that I like very much and that’s all I’m going to say.

Spellbound by Siouxie and the Banshees thanks to Stranger Things is now appreciated even by non-boomers, who knows if they will even listen to the Duran Duran version.

Definitely Bury a friend by Billie Eilish is a great point of contact.

And with regard to Psycho Killer contact point was the passion for Tina Weymouth that John Taylor discovered shares with Victoria De Angelis.

When you say Talking Heads

Here is what John had to say about it

Sharing, cooperation are concepts I love, just as I love rock characters, and by rock I don’t mean simply music.

Can a macabre dance be rock?

I don’t know, what I do know is that Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, and on this occasion also Andy Taylor and Warren Cuccurullo somehow continue the thread that we are following together.

If we trace it backwards we go back to Lux Æterna by Metallica, and earlier to Memento Mori by Depeche Mode, all the way to last October with Muse and You make me feel like it’s Halloween

So are you ready for the Danse Macabre?



Isy probably in someone’s mind represented a way of making the word easy, which by now needs no explanation, even more pop.

Three letters then, to sum up the English pronunciation and to introduce the next word: bank.

Three letters for the name.

Three words for the slogan.




It probably seemed natural in someone’s mind to shorten customer acquisition for this bank as well.

Why wasting time.

The bank is open.

Shouldn’t that be enough?


So thousands of account holders, One none one hundred thousandby three again, have been transferred from what is considered the largest Italian banking group to this bank.

A digital and essential bank, where digital and essential means no more possibility of having a physical counter anywhere.

But also where digital and essential apparently means alerting unsuspecting account holders through a notification on the app.

Registered mail is extinct, and no more letters either, because in some papyrus of a thousand thousand lines written in small print the customer has signed that he “doesn’t want” any more paper communications.

No more phone calls, despite the fact that it is absolutely essential to have the phone for the infamous app and despite the fact that it is absolutely mandatory to communicate the number.

No more hassle or waste of time trying to contact the customer in one of a variety of ways, including email, texting, but also a trivial campaign of any nature.

No: it is an essential bank, in someone’s mind it seemed enough to send a simple notification within the app.

A notification of the kind that those who are Boomers, and lived through the days when the same people worked in the bank for years, people who could be trusted, do not tend to consider vital.

A notification that could have been missed by anyone.

A notification that constituted the only last resort, moreover with a deadline, to express not consent, but DISSENT to being transferred to the new Isy.

Find a “small” overview of reviews here

A parliamentary question was also asked about this forced transfer. 

Do you perhaps have direct experience to testify?

Among the fanciful narratives, it would seem that the choice of the lucky drawers fell on those who did not attend their reference branch.

I would really like to be able to see the selection mechanism … and in my heart I want to hope that older people are not involved … because maybe even they haven’t gone to the branch, an operation that has long since turned out to be almost as complicated as making an appointment with Chiara Ferragni.

But the new bank is OPEN …



Tomislav Takač is a writer whom I admire especially for how he shows belief in his dream.

About himself he says: My name is Tomislav Takač and I am a 32-year-old laborer and a beginning writer in Subotica. I started writing 4 years ago and since then I have been writing short stories and have written and published the novel Strigorovu Šuma.

He has been updating me on his progress for a long time, and in the beginning we tried to overcome linguistic obstacles because despite the great help of translators it is not always easy and straightforward to understand a written text without losing its distinctiveness.

However, Tomislav began to translate and write in English as well, so I was able to truly understand the nature of his book Strigorov’s Forest

Originally started as Strigorova Šuma, the book has since been translated and Tomislav has also produced a kind of animated trailer.

Knowing me, you must have guessed that I really liked it immediately, from the first notes of the “soundtrack” … you recognized it too, didn’t you?

Rock aside, I became immediately attached to Erena’s character, I could say that she brought me into Tomislav’s world: a Fantasy world composed of fantastical figures but traversed by fully realistic action protagonists.

The secret of the silver door is the first story Tomislav pointed out to me.

Here instead you can find the first chapter of Yelena, First Blood.

Among the other stories I particularly liked Jack which I also found moving.

Not only Fantasy then, not only Action, not only Science Fiction, but the sum of many different facets that come together transporting the reader on an incredible journey.

And Tomislav concretized this path in every possible way, even working with an artist to turn his story into comics as well.

Coffee is often mentioned.

Regarding the cafes, Tomislav sent me videos showing Sarajevo.

I thank him because it gave me great pleasure: so far my knowledge of Sarajevo was limited to reading Margaret Mazzantini’s Venuto al mondo, for which I thank both Monica and Elisa

Do you know better than I do?

Tomislav was kind enough to send me this video that shows an interesting coffee route in Sarajevo and describes us Bosnian coffee and their Java

I got hooked on this tradition of “fortune-telling,” you know we had already mentioned the reading of the coffee grounds, but in this case the story being told and the star at the bottom of the cup are really enchanting.

I also found fantastic the coincidence that the particular street shown in the video of this Bosnian café was a street dedicated to shoe making

And this is a small view of Subotica, Serbia, Tomislav’s hometown.



On October 11 in Turin, a very special exhibition opened at the Mole Antonelliana: The World of Tim Burton edited by the National Cinema Museum.

Tim Burton needs no introduction and any description would be reductive to his entirely personal style, in two words I could say that there is a before and there is an after Burton.

Who could at length describe him is Paola Pioletti, a deep connoisseur of his creative genius.

Exhibitions, on the other hand, are Maria‘s specialty on her Art and Cult Blog

Kind of like Eva Carducci did just with him.


Quando ho fatto ridere Tim Burton grazie al caffè 😜 #timburton #netflix #dietrolequinte #imparacontiktok #junket #luccacomics #mercoledi #wensday @Netflix Italia

♬ suono originale – Eva Carducci




And what do you think?
How do you imagine Tim Burton Coffee?

Did you know that in New York the Beetle House is dedicated to Tim Burton? I went for a virtual tour and fell in love with the sign: Come as you are …

Would you like to go there? What would you order?

What if we ended up singing Day-O?

Even in the historic center of Mexico City there is a Burtonian-style coffee bar: El Extrano Coffee Bar.

Instead, in Italy we invented the Wonka vaccinara … I always admire imagination, but in this case … I better pass on!

Since we are in Turin, isn’t a classic Bicerin enough dark?

Indeed … anyway we can fall back on the iconic Turin Cafè in the Museum Temple Hall.

Kevin Spacey during a visit recommended making it a working café, isn’t this cute?

In this case, the Tim Burton Coffee version includes a special set-up with very limited edition posters.

Which one would you like?

I like Sleepy Hollow

Did you know that Johnny Depp at the end of filming decided to adopt Goldeneye, the one-eyed horse who stars as Gunpowder in the movie?

But back to coffee dust, or rather Tim Burton Coffee dust, is there a movie that you never tire of rewatching, or that you associate with a particular anecdote?



When Nina from Bold Journey got in touch with me the very first time, I wasn’t able to understand how she could be interested in me, and I am grateful for her patience.

Bold Journey is a site basically about storytelling.

They tell about themselves like this:
every problem or dilemma we face has been faced by countless others in the past, and so we wanted to create a place where we could discuss these challenges: finding a way to thrive after a divorce, recovering after a layoff, overcoming imposter syndrome, or developing the ability to ignore haters.

Living life with courage means exposing oneself to all kinds of risks: risk of loss, risk of criticism and judgment, risk of mental, emotional or physical distress.

No wonder many of us have been taught not to live courageously, not to take risks, not to push ourselves to reach our highest potential.

In our view, one of the best ways to meet these challenges is to learn from the stories and experiences of others.

We think it is absurd that, after thousands of years of human civilization, it is still so difficult to find stories related to the problems one may face at any given time.

Our mission is to create a space where we can all learn from each other.

We believe that the stories, experiences and insights of our neighbors, friends and peers are worth more than all the wealth in the world, because these stories are the most relevant and authentic sources of wisdom.

Our love for the storytelling format stems from the founding of VoyageLA nearly a decade ago, where we ask people to share the story of their lives and how they got to where they are today.

As we have expanded to cities across the country, we have been struck by the realization that there are so many lessons that one person can learn from another.

Now that you’ve read, you too may be wondering how it is that they reached out to me.

Yet, here you find KCDC

Thefirst question: “where do you get your resilence from?”


Resiliènza  s. f. [der. of resilient]. –
1. In materials technology, the resistance to failure under dynamic stress, determined by appropriate impact test: r. test; r. value, the inverse of which is the brittleness index.
2. In yarn and fabric technology, the aptitude of these to resume, after deformation, their original appearance.
3. In psychology, the ability to react in the face of trauma, difficulty, etc.

That’s why I liked the image with the Dandelion: crushed in the middle of the tiles found in the “escape” its living space.

And you, where did you get your resilience from?

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