The Advent calendar today brings us back to the art form that started the first day: the blog The court gives us a drawing!

Alessia, the author, deals with editing, graphics and social media.  She tells of herself that she hates SEO rules and I can only give her a five …

But in reality it is enough to visit the blog The court to find out how creative she is also as the author of books, short stories, poems and acrostics.

In particular, the title of her latest book is Havel: just drop by to find yourself in a fantasy world waiting to be discovered!

The court’s Christmas Carol XIV:

Colored in Photoshop, the drawing is done in pencil, inspired by a couple of photos found online. The sheet is a bamboo sheet I found from Tiger. They are very strange sheets (they are not white but yellowish) but that I am really loving you can find it here


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