Luciana asked me for the recipe and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaya and Salvo too for their pasta recipes, and to answer Maria: Kefir tastes good to me, but consider that I don’t like sweetening … it is actually acid with a very slight slightly “alcoholic” tip so Jaya’s advice to add fruit smoothies (or simply fresh fruit) or to make other types mixing using fantasy is more than appropriate for someone who is not much for “raw” things like me laughing

But let’s get to Sablé Pastry: the first time I tried it was when I was looking for a recipe for something sweet that was egg-free since my father couldn’t eat them.

To tell the truth, many recipes, starting for example with Il cucchiaio d’argento, include eggs in the preparation, but they seem perfect to me even this way: sablé means sprinkled with sand, a concept that can be associated with the idea of a certain amount of friability, otherwise I miss the difference with the shortcrust pastry, but you correct me if I’m wrong.


150 g of flour

100 g of butter

50 g of sugar

20 g of coffee

a pinch of salt

The coffee must not be hot and you can also dose it by eye according to the consistency of the dough: so that the resulting paste is smooth and elastic.

Before being worked, the dough must rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, after which you can indulge yourself with the shapes.

Who has cute stencils?
For example, I obviously have a weakness for wings

Transfer to baking paper and bake at 180° for about 18 minutes, to keep an eye on and evaluate also based on the thickness of the cookies.

I don’t know about you, I would then dip the edges in melted chocolate or pair the cookies with a generous layer of Nutella in the middle laughing too much? Come on, with the first coffee it fits …



During Christmas time we use to tell “all you need is love and Christmas cookies” but you can’t miss a nice coffee! The universally known Christmas cookies are perhaps the classic gingerbread, a sort of art expression through shapes and decorations: beautiful to see, as well as tasty. I was looking for coffee biscuits, of course, and I found various versions of just bean-shaped sweets, but in the end my choice fell on coffee sablé filled with chocolate cream, guess why … Maybe you know and you have already prepared them. What are you cooking for Christmas? Each place has its own particular tradition, a recipe different from all the others, the one that reminds us of our roots, Christmas at home. What are yours§ I would definitely start a survey, not so much the classic Italian pandoro vs. panettone: let’s keep both! Rather: what do you prefer between a generous dose of mascarpone with panettone and a filling of the pandoro with melted chocolate glaze and various types of creams? So at this point, I could also ask for the sub-survey “creams how?” Last Christmas I received a pistachio cream as a gift which was a real show and which has worthily taken the place of the standard custard, for example. As well with regard to the custard, we can speak of subcategories: lemon, vanilla or? While you choose I make coffee.  

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